Fiber and Stomach Bloating

I have substantially increased my fiber intake as of late. In a typical day I will eat steel-cut oats, barley, and rye for breakfast (soaked, but uncooked), several whole fruits at lunch, half of a frozen bag of steamed veggies for dinner, and raw veggies for afternoon and night snacks.

The problem is that since I have been eating this much fiber, my stomach seems to always be bloated and uncomfortable. Besides discomfort, I look like f*(%ing Buddah. Anyone else experience this type of reaction from high fiber intake? Any serious suggestions for what should I do?

Heh… after a 2000 calorie meal after work I don’t get bloated. God knows what could do me in.

It could be a reaction to any one of the foods, not necessarily the fibre. Is there anything new that you haven’t tried before?

Actually I was kind of thinking that may be the case. I have been eating the oats for a long time. However, I just added the whole rye and pearled barley this week, so that could be it. Maybe I should try one at a time with the oats to ty to eliminate the problem. Maybe I should start cooking the oatmeal.

don’t mean to scare you but you might want to look up celiac disease and see if you have any of the other symptoms. It is basically a gluten allergy which is not too uncommon.

When my sister was around 20 or so she started to heavily develop the symptoms for it. Basically, if she ate anything with gluten in it (ex… rye, wheat, barley) her intestines would start to swell up and get that buddha look you are referring to.

I think that’s a commom problem for most of us if we suddenly added alot of fibers to the diet. Increase fiber more slowly and gradually to the desired daily amount. Ocassionally, without realizing i added alot more fibers, i had a hard time in the toliet.

Good point - also going Keto can do the same thing becasue of lack of fibre believe it or not !!!

You’ve done keto? I don’t know if I can do that!! No carbs and I can be the biggest SOB in the world! LOL. The best I can do is T Dawg 2.0 outlined at t-mag. CT outlined his own keto program in his newsletter and it sounded good but it takes alot of willpower to do it…

BTW, you can simply add supplement fibers in the P+F shakes. It should help significantly.

Done Keto - well I tried it for about 10 days !!!

AND - I tried to get most of my protein from shakes - bad msitake #2

A long time ago - I was young and VERY uneducated - never again - couldn’t move from within 100m of a bathroom … not good for you - at all.

And think about it for a second - I had a serious problem - I really tried hard to stay in keto - but I was literally living in the toilet cubicles at work - and the only advice I could get from anyone on line (as I was too embrassed to ask anyone I knew - Like how do you bring that one up???) was - use fibre!!!

FIBRE??? - Damn it - as far as I was concerned fibre was the last thing I needed… and all the anti-laxitives I took never made one bit of difference …

Anyway like I after say about 10 days I had to pack it in or set up a Dr.s appointment…