Female Unbroken Sprint Records

Not sure where to post this but I was looking at the progression of the men’s and women’s 100m world record and I was shocked that we are going on 22 years now of flojoe’s unbroken record.

On the men’s side a record is set at least every 3-4 years (with a few longer gaps), but on the woman’s side, you see sprints dominated by Europeans (gasp) for a little over a decade during the 70’s, then in “88”, flojo comes in and puts her foot down…lol Hmm, flojoe must have truly been a freak of nature because I’m assuming that elite female sprinters all have access to the same tools (e.g, good coaching, funding, ect.).


I read an article today about this issue, in that, women sprinters get less acclaim then men sprinters because they don’t break records as often. Also, many feel the current records are out of reach (despite faster tracks, better equipment).

With the exception of men’s sprints and long distances there hasn’t been that much progress since the late 80s. Look at the all time lists and you’ll see plenty of exceptional performances from decades ago. Oldfield 22.89m early 70s, Koch 21.71 in 1979, Coe 1.41.7 in 1981.

it’s the 1980s vitamins. unfortunately they are past their expiration date now.