feeling fresh?

i have a question to ask, in that i did 45 mins of cardio on the elliptical and the treadmill. I do squats once a week, and was doing well in strength but after the 45 min session the following day i had exams then went straight to the gym, and noticed it was heavier the weight i did was 10lbs less then what i was doing hte week before. Does that indicate that i my body was getting used to the cardio running (long distance) at slow pace? Or was the exam to stressful, enough so that it would affect my strength?

lol one 45 minute session is not going to kill you… it was more than likely the exams. I have had much worse results after exams.

another note to add davan is that i sucked at the squats but was same strength in all upper body exercises so why only squats that suffered?

ellipitical works your quads and glutes a bit does it not?
you did squats the day after…