Favorite T.V. Shows

What are your favorite T.V. shows. Mine is Making The Band 2. That show is off the hook(freddericks my favorite), so can yall post yours, also if you don’t mine please walk(or swim) to Brooklyn and get me some cheese cake.

“The Beavis and Butthead Moronathon”
On the other hand, that may be too much like being back among the administrators in a particular sport of our acquaintance.

I like to watch shows off of the internet. Number 2 style, errr I mean Saint style.

South Park
Seinfeld repeats
WWE Wrestling
“Doc” with Billy Ray Cyrus (just kidding)

Dharma and Greg - (just for Jemma Elfman)

CONAAAAAN OBRIEN…I like Jay leno too. Whats up with carson daly’s show.