Favorite Lesser-lights in Track and Field

Guys and Gals… Who were some of your favorite track and field athletes? Athletes who may not have been record holders or world champs, but whom you liked just as much? These were some of my favorites:
Sam Graddy (also played for Denver Broncos)
Ron Brown (played for LA Rams)
Dennis Mitchell ***
Jeff Williams (200 meter dude)
Gwen Torrence
Nelli Cooman? (60 meter chick)
** Dennis is one of my all time favorites. And who can forget him defending a high testosterone reading… I’m a guy… you know… I drink a lot of beer, I have a lot of sex! Beautiful!

Here are some of mine: A couple of these guys are world champs but may not be as well known to the some, since our conversations seem to be dominated by Asafa, Ben, and the lates sprinters. I think Mike Marsh was overshadowed back in the late 80’s early 90’s due to the Carl/Ben drama.

Darrell Green–great collegiate sprinter whose only loss was to Carl Lewis. He decided to play football instead of pro track

Jonathan Edwards–triple jump

Mike Marsh–100/200

Dwight Phillips–long jump

Yuriy Borzakovskiy–800m