fatigued CNS???

Hey guys my CNS is absolutly fatigued, this has been a combo of a few things obviously overtraining (incorectly estimating the effects of push training) along with general life stress. There are now things being done to reduce volume and increase recovery time.

BUT i was wonderign are there any suplements that may aid in CNS recovery NOT stimulating the CNS to handle increased work loads but to help with the recovery process? I have ben reading on the forum about L-carnatine, tyrosine what is the general protocool for this sort of issue.

Glutamine may help,
sauna helps your PNS recover and aids in CNS rebound

I asked this question a while back. Christian T would suggest using a serving of Power Drive or 10g lecithin with 5g l-tyrosine. numbertwo suggested b complex vitamins.

Magnesium and essential fatty acids are probably gonna be your best bets but by far the most important thing is rest (oversleeping).

Magnesium can help due to it’s relaxing effects on the sympathetic nervous system and EFAs can help due to their effects on inflammation. Inflammatory cytokines are released in response to muscular damage and these chemical messengers negatively impact the nervous system.