fat burning pills

could yall recommend me a safe and effective fat burner…and at the same time allow me to workout during summer track. i want to get hydroxycut but i hear that it is not very effective. thank you. charlie any input on this???

Hydroxycut is (or, at least was, as ephedrine has been outlawed) a banned performance enhancing drug, so it should be avoided. It’s also very dangerous in hot conditions. Try carnitine- a natural amino acid utilized to burn fat and help nerve function.

Go with the L-Carnitine as Charlie says, and try CLA as well. ZMA is shown to promote lean body mass. Tempo and sprint work believe it or not have been said to burn calories.

Stimulant based diet pills are temorary solutions. Be patient and spend your money on proper nutrition before you buy into the fat burner market. Calories in, calories out. I am at 190lbs right now and in November I will be fighting at 170lbs. Over Christmas I was up to 221lbs. Just be very strict with your diet. Part time nutritional planning gets part time results (same with anything).

Just a note: They now sell the ephedra free version on Hydroxycut

what’s good sight to sell relatively cheap yet very effective L-carnitine??? since yall are the pros of knowing which products work the best hahaha…thanks charlie for the advice. i really like the products info :slight_smile:

Herb - do you find CLA does anything for you?

Try some fish oils as well

A recommend fat burner… Yeah, its the best one. Its the most effective, its free & gets you into better shape than any of the other products. It’s called get off your lazy ass…

no you don’t understand, i’m ASIAN!!! it’s nearly impossible to get lean muscle b/c it’s just genetics. i’ve worked my butt for 3 years and plus i’m the fastest and i have one the strongest cores on my team <------i know that working the abs won’t lose fat in the stomach but in fact strengthen the abs. my coach has also asked me many times why his daily ab workouts hasn’t helped me get definition. my legs are relatively fat-free but my back and stomach region has no definition. my summer track is really brutal…trust me. i don’t even know if i could run 3 days straight with his coaching. everyday i fall to the ground due to a buildup of lactic acid and lack of energy. it crazy but i still have no sign of a loss of fat. i just need an extra edge on my summer track team b/c currently i’m the all-star track team from TN. and trust me…they’re no joke. i have 2 weeks till my regionals so i can qualify for the nationals along with my team. my coach says i need to lose the fat so i can get faster…thus i can be on any relay team. currently i’m only running opens…sad but i need to lose my fat…

Watch out for confusing labels. It would be very easy to make a mistake and end up with the wrong one!

Are we trying out for Mr Popularity again?

Well i live in NY and Ephedra is banned to sell here as well as many other states. I worked at Vitamin Shoppe last summer when it got banned and if we were caught with Any epherda containing supplements we would be fined 1000$.

how’s L-carnitine from nutrabiotics

Yes. It is one of the few with enough science to back it up. www.http://www.clarinol.com/clarinol/front/home.html

When I am on a hardcore diet I take about 3-6 x 1000mg per day.

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Make sure your diet is clean.

Really? Alot others don’t seem to think that. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t help accelerate fat burning but helps PREVENT fat gain. That’s why some people recommend it while on bulking phase. I’ve tried it before and lost body fat but it’s hard to tell if it’s CLA or the diet.

Dr. Mercola offers some interesting ideas on metabolic typing, how everyone has different type of metabolic types and should adjust their diets according to their metabolic types. Some do well on high protein, low carbs, some do well on mixed, some do well on higher carbs. In this case, yichieh might do better on low carbs but it’s hard to tell without knowing what exactly he’s been eating and everything. Sometimes several small adjustments can make a big difference. I can eat tons of junk food and I barely gain fat. Everyone always tell me that I’m genetic freaks because they always see me getting drunk every night in college and I still had 6 pack abs the entire time. Oviously I can tolerate it alot better than some people.

but then again…he was one of the greatest people alive…remember the one inch punch. he also used electo-shock pads which stimulated his muscle to lose fat…

OK- I’ve tried it a few times and I wasn’t seeing anyhting from it.

I’ve seen the research … but most if not all was on rats as far as I can remember, so I was just wondering how you found it…

Perhaps at 3 x 1000mg I wasn’t taking enough.

I am curious. region-specific depositions of bodyfat - to me - are highly suggestive of endocrine-related insufficiencies. Have you ever considered getting your free-androgen, estradiol, androstenedione, cortisol, pregnenolone, and DHEA levels tested?

If Tribulus Terrestris is not on the banned substances list (I don’t think it is), it may be adviseable to give it, Muira Puama, and Urtica dioica and try for a few months and see if it helps with a little testosterone availability to those androgen-sensitive receptors in the mid-region of the gut. I’ll check and see if any of these are on any banned lists - if someone else can check as well, I would appreciate it (for the sake of anyone who might follow up on this advice in a sanctioned competing environment).