Fasuba 6.58 in Dusseldorf

DUSSELDORF: Olympic champion and outdoor world record-holder Liu Xiang bounced back from a defeat three days ago to win the 60m hurdles at the Dusseldorf indoor meet on Tuesday.

Liu cruised home in 7.53 seconds to beat Ron Brammlett of the United States, who clocked 7.61. The Chinese lost the race three days ago in Stuttgart to Dayron Robles of Cuba, who did not run in Duesseldorf.

Olusoj Fasuba of Nigeria clocked 6.58 to win the 60m dash, ahead of Morne Nagel of South Africa, who was timed in 6.61.

Laverne Jones of the US Virgin Islands ran 7.22 to win the women’s sprint, while Johanna Manninen of Finland finished second in 7.29. – AP

Almost 0.1 slower than a few days ago? What went “wrong”? (I know he still won, so things couldn’t have been too wrong).
Anybody saw the race? RT, slower track, too many starts in a few days? PJ, any background info? thx

CNS fatigue?

I think the Sparkassen Cup was wind aided but there was no wind guage there.

Wind?? In an INDOOR race… What you talking about man!? LOL LOL…Unless Air conditioning/heating flow has now been taken into consideration for times!

Yea man, those Germans are sneaky.

The Germans? Look at the Americans and their Millrose Games! Looking at the Video (at 1:28)showing Mo’s drop I could swear the first 10m of the track are incline - which should give an additional explanation for Mo falling :wink:

The first ten at Millrose appeared to be into a hole. This, unfortunately, isn’t unusual in older, more beat up tracks.

CNS, travel, accomodations, conditions, etc, etc. Don’t read anything into it.

I have the videos of the 60m men and women, 60mH women and others, I will convert then post them ASAP in the video section

Serious? That’s bad for a big, international meet.

I was only joking, because I thought that’s impossible and it might be only a “optic illusion” due to the clips quality.