Fasuba 6.56, Blanton 6.65

Boston Games saw Blanton win in 6.65, with Leonard Scott 3rd in 6.69! What has happened to him??? Two years ago he wouldn’t touch 6.6! Leroy Dixon was in the race also, finishing behind Scott.

In Russia today, Fasuba ran 6.56. He and Pickering and a Chinese athlete, sorry can’t remember the name are quite a way ahead of anyone else. What do we all make of that? Who else are we waiting for to open up? PJ, is Pognon planning an indoor campaign? I’m not sure which other Americans will be featuring indoors.

It just seems like a weak indoor year for this stage to me…opinions???

don’t forget samuel francis ran 6.5 back in october. i don’t really know how that fits into his season in terms of periodization and unloading ect. but it shows he’s/was pretty fit.

Yea I seen that, but October may as well be last season really, when you consider that the Worlds ended in September. Also with Francis, he’s never done anything consistently to make me consider him a true world title contender. Maybe this will be his time to shine???