Anybody here have any experience fasting? I know most of you will think it’s rediculous but there are supposedly alot of benefits associated with it. The purpose is to give your body a break from all the food and garbage that you eat and let it clean itself out for a few days… it kind of makes sense. You won’t lose much muscle while your fasting because your body goes into ketosis and you don’t feel hungry. Plus it could increase your power:weight ratio when you get rid of that 5 lbs of waste lodged in your colon. I’m interested in anyone’s thoughts on the subject.

I’ve been fasting with nothing but juice and water for the last 3 days! Yeah I know… it’s pretty weird.

Things I’ve noticed:

-No urge to eat or any hunger pains.

-Complete relaxation. Almost like a floating feeling. I feel so calm and as if all emotional aspects and tensions have been let go.

-Peacefulness. I don’t feel any stress on my body at all.

-Expelling of mucus and gunk from both ends. (Probably my body cleaning out all the toxins that have been in my system for all these years)

-I don’t feel tired at all.

I don’t have anything lodged in my colon thank you. This is a myth usually told by those in favor of colonics. I sometimes consciouslly reduce my caloric intake, but never really fast. I notice the same benefits, except the expelling of mucus from both ends.

That gunk is just mucous. The intestine works even if there is nothing exogenous in it. In which case it expells the mucous. Generally, that mucous is on any solids that come out. Next time you eat solid food and drink some good beer, you will probably see a oily film on the water of the toilet, that is the same stuff you are getting rid of now. Sounds like fun.

Fasting for some days can gives thyroid problem, you can see your body temperature (normal range is 36,5-36,7 °C).

Yeah, it’s giving your body a break from digestion so I guess it can break down the mucus and other crap in there.

I have noticed a decline in body temperature and heart rate. My heart rate is 36 bpm and it’s normally mid 40’s. Contrast showers are key to getting circulation in the body.

Many think (and I agree) that fasting is not very healthy. Better way is to eat right all the time so you don’t collect those toxins in your body. So how about lean animal protein, veggies, fruit and so on every day? For example diets rich in veggies can prevent colon cancer, surprise?

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