Hi everyone,
I’m going to have to start fasting from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm everyday. I do want to lose fat so this may help, but I want to keep the muscle mass. Is there anything I may be able to eat for breakfast that may help me with this? I’m also planning on working out after 7:00 pm (sprinting and maintenance weights). I was thinking coconut milk may help, any ideas would be appreciated, thank you :slight_smile: by the way I’m 17, 6’2, and weigh 188

Do not fast unless u are doing so for religous purporses or something like that. Fasting/starving urself is not the way to go. Its slows down ur bodys metabolism and makes ur body burn fat slower and store more fat because u make ur body think that food is scarce so it preserves all it can and burn fat slowly. This is the simplest way I can put it, dont wanna go into all the technical terms.

The best bet if u want to lose wieght is to cut out carbonated beverages, sugary beverages and replace with water, and lots of it, lay off the carbs like pasta, flour products like pizza, fries etc (dont cut out completely though), get adquate protein (0.75-1 per lb of body weight daily) if ur gonna start weight training, try to do as much sprinting activity and exercise as possible. Forget about “excessive” jogging/walking if ur aiming to sprint.

I would include slow digesting foods like casein protein (milk, cottage cheese).

Fasting does have some benefits but only during a restoration block. I find that athletes that go through a low calorie phase with light exercise speed up apoptosis. The sick and underperforming cells will be replaced by regenerated fiber and cell matter.

if you want to lose fat you must eat more rugular…the body is very smart and it will eat muscle before fat and also i would try reading a book by a guy called Jason Veel which i am scoping at the mo

I’ve thought of this as well, how many days would you recommend?

I was thinking along the lines of 3 days, with little to no training. Preferably at the end of the season.

ok thanks everyone

yeah, i dunno about you but im fasting every day between 6 and 6:30

its prety damn hard, i feel causeus and cramped, i lack energy…

oh, its both pm:D