Fastest NFL Man Competition

Wow, just found a channel on youtube that has all the old fastest NFL man competition. I guess they don’t do this anymore because so much money is on the line today.

Who owned that competition?.

Darrell Green?.

If this is the same vid D green.:cool:

he owned it for like 15 years. Even when he was 40

Putting it in at the gym till he was 40+. Thats a lot of hurt.


The winner is all over the lane… its probably not the fastest way to run a race… in a zig zag fashion.

It’s funny to watch football players sprint now that I have been looking a pro sprinters run for a while. Football players are sloppy (yet powerful) with their mechanics.

:cool: Dude your so right! When I played football my coach kept saying YOUR SITTING. For the longest time I didnt know what that meant but once I committed fulltime to running track I finally figured it out. Now that I train alot of football guys thats the 1st thing I see.