Fastest Man in Pads May Be Florida?s Tailback

Now a freshman tailback at fifth-ranked Florida, Jeffrey Demps appears to be the swiftest running back ever to play college or professional football.


He’s definitely an exceptional genetic specimen who can FLY.

Not so sure…
Demps may not have been at his best but…
Trindon Holliday 10.01 1.1wind RT .160 in SEC 100m Finals

what happened to Demps?:confused:

hurt his hamstring in the final and limped to 11.3
the other football guy for Florida, Chris Rainey, pulled his hammy as well in the prelims. the article about Demps said he is 10 pounds heavier than he was last fall and that he lifts weights with the football team Mondays and Wednesdays. i am sure those weight lifting sessions are very intense, that might of had something to do with the injury. Demps has been slowed already early in the season with a slight hammy strain as well.