Fast Twitch Muscle Development

I have found an exceptionally interesting article relating to the development of fast twitch fibres.

A while back I asked the question if it was at all possible for me to run both cross country and sprint events on the track. Using the information in this article I have found that it IS possible for me to do both. I must simply work out fairly consistently and fast before my winter break. Then during the break, I take it easy and remain generally innactive. When I return from the winter break (of about 3 weeks) I simply begin my track season in January beginning my track season as if I had done simply general excercise to stay fit. Also, completely eliminating my December GPP in favor of a more January-May oriented training schedual. It’s too late to do that now because I have been consistently training since December and in a few weeks I begin January track training.

Is this possible?
Do agree with their findings?
Does anyone really care what you think ???

There are allways problems with research tests.

E.g; if an athlete is also doing lots of sprint work then surely there would be less conversion to type 2 A.

  1. Look at weightlifters and powerlifters who with there non existant sprint training have improved there sprint times.