Fantasy football

would you guys take payton manning over a rb in fantasy football draft? my theory is i would unless there is someone like LT on the board, my reason for this is manning will give you 20-40points every week just like many rb will - also you cant go wrong with colts offense i know first hand i won my league last year with all colts offensive players besides Harrison and rhodes.

As long as there’s no stud RB’s like LT, or Steven Jackson, then possibly yes. Personally, i think Tom Brady is going to be a great fantasy QB this year. He’s actually the one i plan on targeting.

qb: you know what u gonna get with these guys 250+ 2-3tds every week.

LT is my number one back but i take westbrook over many other backs, i see guys every year getting these stud rb and still lose i perfer to get stud qb, great defense, wr and 2nd tier backs.

get ur qb early, the middle pack rb’s are all the same.
defense are overrated and so are wr’s (there was 10 point diff between top and 20th ranked wr last year or something similar to that extent.)

no defense is not overrated esp if they score like ravens did last yr.

unless u have the ravens or bears, it doesnt matter. spend ur picks on qb’s and rb’s

add the patriots to the list this yr