Fans Of American Staffordshire Terriers?

I always use their standard name instead of referring to them as Pit Bull Terriers, given the media’s propensity to present them as man-aggessive monsters… Anyway, Should any of you be interested in buying an Am Staff from a qualily breeder, Pam Carter’s Gaff Kennels, located in the Cental Valley of California has produced 3 breedings. Presently, the pups are 2, 3 and 4 weeks old.

She is one of the top breeders in the country and all of her dogs are non-animal/human aggressive. She breeds for temperment and to the breed “standard.” Some of her clients include- The group Outcast, Troy Vincent of the Philly Eagles and myself. This is not a breed for “first time” dog owners, but for an owner who will raise and present them as they truly are- A GREAT FAMILY COMPANION AND AN AWSOME BREED. Thanks.

The anti-breed jihad has cost way too many people their beloved companions. If responsible breeders make it clear that some breeds aren’t for everyone (including German Shepherd Dogs!), there will be fewer problems to feed into people’s “Hard Copy” view of the world.