Facilitated Stretching by Robert Mcatee & Jeff Charland

I want to learn about PNF stretching and was wondering is this a good book to read?

Also are there any books on stretching that you consider to be the Bible?


Good book. Try Knott and Voss aswell.

Michael Alter - Science of Flexibility

Happy reading


take a look

You’ve picked the perfect book! If you have to pick one then this is the one you want!

I agree. This is a great book, especially the second edition, which I would recommend even for those who already have the first edition. There’s a lot of improvements.

I also agree with Stevemac24 about the Voss and Alter books. The Voss book is the bible of PNF, but I would read McAtee’s book first as an introduction.

Thanks chaps, I already went out and bought the book actually. Luckily it seems I made a good choice :slight_smile:

what are the titles of the books by Knott and Voss?

Thank you

The book I have is by Dorothy Voss and is conveniently titled Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. Just plug PNF into Amazon and you’ll find it.

Lol, thanks!

I would also recommend Autostretching by Olaf Evjenth


and Muscle Energy Techniques by Leon Chaitow


They’re a little pricey, but they go well with McActee’s book and provide more practical information for your purposes than Voss’ book.

Any of Chaitow’s work is good

You can see the PNF we do on the GPP DVD both with a partner and with a rope. You will see there that we are very careful, progressive, and systematic.