Face down 20m start

Heres a little start from yesterday… Got clumsy on the first step but I thinik it’s because I have never done this drill before…


I would love to hear some technical feedback,other than head position, thats my spine structure lol, I am working on that through PT.

Oh, do I look weak ? I am scared that 200kg box squat and 120kg clean isn’t enough juice for a 95kg sprinter.

I can’t drop that weight either, I am standing at 8%BF right now, I have no idea where all that weight is coming from… (height 191cm)

face down starts are very effective in getting the sprinter into proper acceleration patterns … so keep using them as a tool. i think you look pretty good.

The drills are to build in accel patterns in a relaxed way. Don’t worry about them- get them in and let them help automatically. just scramble out of there!

I understand, they do feel great ! I will keep doing them for sure. Thanks Charlie and hscoach !

I would also toss in some from the top postion of a push-up, I like these a bunch.

Just throwing in some “change of mood” suggestions.
What if you did a reverse burpie start.
Ie, Jump into the air, drop to the ground, through legs out back (as in push up position), do a push up, then explode for a 20m effort.

No idea if it would work… I might get it done this wk and see what happens