Fabio's Training Journal

Well, after a successful track season going 10.98 in the 100 improving from 11.7 (11.8 HS Season) and 23.4 in the 200 improving from 24.8 and also making it to the state meet in Division III in the 100m, I am going to train hard for two more weeks and finish out my season with a summer meet on June 19th before I take a few week break. My goal for that meet is 10.9 for the 100 and 23.0 or near that for the 200. Overall here are my goals for next season

200m-22.3 (i feel i have the MOST potential for this event)
Become County, League, and STATE CHAMP in either the 100 or 200. I got a taste of it this year and now I want the whole thing to myself, I’m fricken hungry now!

Tomorrow I am going to do my 1rm’s and then I am going to start up monday.

Just for everybody’s curiosity’s sake, here is my basic layout for this week and next week.

This week
Monday-accel,MaxV,Plyos, weights
Tuesday-Tempo, Medicine Balls (massage?)
Wednesday-SE 1, plyos, weights
Thursday-tempo, medicine Balls(if no massage tuesday then def today)
Friday-Accel,MaxV, Plyos, Weights.

Meet Week
Monday-Accel, MaxV, Weights(tapering them off getting ready to peak)

Wednesday-Speed Endurance
Friday-Off, light stretching

does my peaking week look alright? The volumes on the workouts will obviously be lower. Did I select the right day to taper off my weights or should I add one morel iftign day on wednesday?

on a side note- the meet record for the meet I’m running in is 11.4 seconds in the 100. I plan on ripping that record like a paper shredder shreds paper :smiley:


1 lap jog followed by some static, dynamic, and rubber band stretches

Sprint Drills-A’s and B;s

3x50m build ups

3x30m with the Isorobic Exerciser.

3x30m, these were mistimed so I have no accurate times for them



I can tell That my body is going to be sore tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I have done TRUE speed training. Whew did my form break down near the end of 60m…I’ll fix it though.

Plyos-cut the volue in half, my body couldn’t of taken the other plyo exercises!

Box Jump-2x5
Standing Long Jump-2x5


Bench Press-4x3, 5,3,4-(150,135,140,135)
Squat-5x3 at 225
Power Clean-3x3 (115,125,130)

Seated Rows-3x10
Shoulder Press-3x8
Reverse Leg Press-3x10

I could tell that I have lost a lot of my strength. It’s obvious from the numbers that I have. I lost the most on the bench and little on the Squat. the 150 on the bench had ot of been my 3RM. Oh well, I’ll catch up with my strength. I t was obvious that I haven’t lifted in awhile. My body definitely wasn’t used to the training loads. My CNS got a well deserved ‘shock’ haha. On a good note my knee didn’t really bother me. It hurt for the first rep of my 30m but right after that it was gone and no more pain so I’m hapyp about that. It still doesn’t hurt even after the workout was over.

Today definitely made me better, I could feel it!

Tuesday 6/8/04

Tempo Day(2100m)

6x200m @ 45-50 seconds

6x150m @ 25-35 seconds

hit all my 200’s below target pace, running all of them between 37-43 seconds.

Hit my target time for all my 150s running around 30-33 seconds for all of them.

Explosive Medicine Ball throws- (again took out some throws and dropped the volume for these, due to the soreness from yesterday and to provide quality for each throw)

Overhead Toss-2x5
Push Press-2x5
Wood Chopper-1x5 for each side.

MB Abs-3x25 seconds for each

1.)MB Crunch
2.)MB Rev Crunch
3.)MB Jacknife

then did a few low intensity ab exercises and some push ups to even it out.

I was sore today which came to no surprise from me. Haven’t lifted in a good while so I knew it was coming. I got stretched out and I felt better though, but the soreness was still there. Today’s tempo session definitely gave me a reminder of where my weakness is and why my 200m time is slower than my 100m- not enough general aerobic fitness. That is why I upped my session to 2100m today. Like all my other flaws, I’ll get this one worked out, no worries. Can’t wait for tomorrow- a Special Endurance session.

Wednesday 6/9/04

2x250m SE1 with 15 min recovery.

these were not timed but I felt great. I can tell that the tempo session the day before and getting back to lifting weights is really helping me out. I was surprised I didn’t die out the final 50 meters.

Plyos-again my working capacity is not what it was for Plyos so I only did a total of 15 jumps

Box Jumps-2x5
Depth Jump-1x5

Bench Press-3x3 (145-140-135) 1x1(150)
Squat-3x3 (225-225-230)
Power Clean-(125-130-130)

Seated Rows-3x10
Military Press-3x6
Reverse Leg Press-3x10

on a side note I weighed myself today at the gym and the scale sed 138!!! I need to gain some weight! I want to be around 145 which is where I was fduring winter and early track season.

Today’s my birthday so I am just going ot kick back and relax. I did do some stretching to maintain my flexibility but other than That I am taking hte day off to celeberate the big 1-8.

It literally rained all day today, it was liek a monsoon or a rain forest. But I still got to lift today and do some stretching.

Bench Press-4x3 (140-145-135) 1x2(150)
Back Squat-4x3 (225-230-230-235)
Power Cleam-3x3 (125-130-130)

Military Press-3x8
Seated Rows-3x10
Reverse Leg Press-3x10
did some heavy weighted Ab exercises as well.

I can feel my strength returning to me, especially in the squat. I did the 235 set fairly easy and I feel I can go 10 more pounds for 3 reps.

I take my ACT tomorrw, which I don’t feel liek doing because its the summer, but I will jsut get it over with and have the rest of the day to myself.

Sprint Drills
A’s-March Skip-2x20m
B’s-march, Skip-2x20m
Wall Slides-2x20m
3x50m Build Ups

3x30m-3 min rest

3x50m-5 min rest

never did 50m spritns but they were fun to say the least. I’ve doen 60’s and 55’s but never 50’s, its good to have a new training stimulus every now and then.

Bench Press-1x of 5-4-3-2-1 (135-140-145-150-155)
Squat-1x of 5-4-3-2-1 (205-215-225-235-245)
Power Clean-3x3 (125-130-130) 1x1 @ 135

I can feel my strength coming back to me. I felt that I could of done 155 on the bench at least 2 times and 245 on the Squat I could of done 3 times easily, but the great thing is that my strength is coming back to me faster than I had expected. Pretty good day, overall I’d give it a 8/10 with the weight room really bolstering up thatrating, my sprints weren’t timed which kind of peeves me but oh well.


today wasan easy tempo day, no MB’s sicne I got a meet this saturday and I’m hopin to peak for it. Not a lot of volume only around 1000 meters today because its been thundering all day and its going to rain, just don’t know when, CURSE this unpredictable OHIO weather!!!

First Set: 100+100+200+100

Second Set: 100+200_100+100

Can you post your height and BW?

Was your 100m PB handtime or FAT?

It seems to me you should be much faster in the 200m if you are running a true 10.98 FAT 100m. Somewhere in the low 22 second range would correlate.

Just curious about your height/weight to get an idea of your natural strengths/weaknesses


rats, chris beat me to the question :stuck_out_tongue: Although I believe you already said you were 138?

Ohio weather is nuts, I am visiting family there over the weekend and I am getting prepared for heat and thunder! Good luck saturday…

I was 138 but now i am 141 lbs at a height of 5’7"

my 10.98 was handtimed but I have ran a 11.24 100m FAT. It kind of sucks for me, I like FAT timing but we only get it when we run at Regionals and State and maybe one or two meetsin my area THE WHOLE year so I only run in 2-4 FAT timed meets a year excluding summer meets.

Yea yesterday it was nice and sunny ALL day and then we got hit by this huge thunger storm and about 20 min later it cleared up and was sunny again like nothing happened! I live in the northeast area and it seems like the more norht you go in Ohio the worse it can be.

Oh yea, sorry for forgetting about it yesterday but thanks for wishing me luck Krasnayafleur, hopefully the lack of sprint training due to bad weather this week won’t hinder me, I did get a pretty good week’s in last week though I guess…

Alright I seriously want to move out west where there is hardly any rain at all. Ohio sickens me, This is the seventh or 8th straight day it has poured rain and I just can’t get any running in at all. I will probably do my 2x120m with full recovery tomorrow which was supposed ot be done today. I’m going to try ot get it done in the mornign to escape the rain that comes around noon.

But today wasn’t a total loss, I did some abdominal work, some stretching, and got some sprint drill done in my garage (i know its pathetic)

Also I just got my Modern Strength and Power methods book by Christain Thibaudeau (sp?) its an excellent read, I must say its the best strength book I have read. I plan on incorporating a lot of his methods into my strength program, I;d say it is worth far more than 30 bucks with all the knowledge inside of it.

Oh yea, it stopped raining and got sunny out around 5:00 yesterday so Idecided to do my 2x120m then, I’m happy AND relieved I got it done, I’ll report back after today’s tempo session…

today was a pretty brief but semi-sweating workout. It was a tempo workout that flirted between the borders of intense and extensive, I liked it.

4x100m all of them were around 16-17 seconds on grass, this was a warm up for my 200’s.

2x200m I hit the first one at 35 seconds and the other one at 38. These left me pretty tired aerobically and I loved every minute of it. I figured that I might as well ‘punish’ my self for missing tuesday’s tempo workout because of the weather. So I decided to pick up the pace just a little bit. It was fun. a normal tempo session i would of done a 40-50 second pace for 200’s.

I felt really fresh today, hopefully I can feel like this tomorrow and saturday.

How much rest did you take between those 200’s? If it’s anymore than like 45 seconds you’re not in great shape. 35’s and 38 should feel like a jog for someone who runs 23’s, and shouldn’t pose any formidable challenge whatsoever. I’m not trying to be critical, just pointing out a possible weakness that should be improved upon.

what i did today was that i would rest equal to the tiem i ran prior to rest so for my first 200 in 35, i would then rest 35 and so on. but usually i take 1 min breaks for tempo for 200’s and run them all within tenths of each other

I am still confused… what kind of workout exactly was it?

I’m not trying to be an asshole, but I run 200 repeats starting at 31 or 30 and cutting to 28…? I don’t understand.

I think he mentioned it was extensive tempo, but it sounds like hes taking it too easy.

it was extensive tempo, i would generally go around 2000m in total volume but i have a meet saturday(tomorrow) and just wanted to get some work done.