Fabio's Journal of Training

Monday 6/16/03 Speed Day, CNS Work

I started out with one lap warm up, then i did normal stretching and stretching with rubber bands.

I did some Sprint Drills which consisted of drum majors, african dances, butt kicks, pull throughs, knee highs, and fast skipping, did them 15 meters long down and back.


1st 30-4.04
3 min rest

2nd 30-4.05
3 min rest

3rd one-4.08


5th-4.1(i stopped there since i got a PB the one before this one, i just thought i could get another good time for the 4th, but i didn’t so i stopped on the 4th one, shoulda stopped on the 3rd)

between the 30 meters and 60 meters i had a 10 minute rest


1st 60-7.00
5 minute rest

2nd 60-6.78-PB (Plus it would be a school record, breaking the previous 7.5):smiley:

3rd 60-6.75-PB X2(i did what i did for the 30 meters, i’m only human but this time i ran another PB lucky me! this would also break my school’s 60 meter record, wait, more like shatter it.):clap:

1 lap cool down

Weight Training

Bench Press-1x5-80% 1x1-90% 1x4-85% 1x5-80% (note I do this ratio with all my lifts besides reverse leg pres and seated rows)

Incline Bench Press- " "

Reverse Leg Press- 3x6 heavy weight (i forget how much i had on there, sorry)

Seated Rows 2x8-75 1x5-80 lbs

Power Cleans-1x5-80% 1x1-90% 1x4-85% 1x5-80%

I did abs between lifts.

Wow, what a session! Maybe you shouldn’t go to a gym with a session that taxing though.

Pete, thats why I skipped the plyometrics, i was fine when i went to the gym to lift though, today was an excellent session! I never ran 60 meters that fast in my life!

Tuesday June 17th Tempo Day

1 lap warm up

normal and rubber band stretches

sprint drills

10x100 tempo style runs -65 %

6x200- i did not get to do these because the rain came down real heavy when i got done with the previous tempo runs so i decided to cut off my workout instead of staying out in the down pour and getting sick.

6/18/2003 Wednesday Speed,CNS Work

warm up, stretching, rubber bands…

Sprint Drills

I still feel a smidgen of the aftermath of monday’s record breaking CNS workout, so times are just a wee bit slow.


1st 30-4.192

3 min

2nd 30-4.082

3 min

3rd 30-4.115

3 min

4th 30-4.00

10 minute rest

8x40 YARDS

1st 40 yd-4.733

2nd 40 yd-4.55 (PB):borg:

3rd 40-4.82

stopped since quality of work begin to decline after PB

10 minute rest

4x60 meters

1st 60-7.28

5 min rest

2nd 60-7.299

5 min rest

3rd 60-7.345

5 min rest

4th 60-7.431

Bench Press-5,1,4,5
Power Cleans-5,1,4,5
Seated Rows-7,5,6

June 19/2003 Tempo Day

1 lap warm up

normal stretching rubber bands

sprint drills

10x200 meters at tempo pace=2000 meters of tempo

afterwards i did 4x10 push ups

Friday 6/20/03-Off Day

normally this would be my special endurance, speed endurance day but since I have a track meet tomorrow, I am taking today off so i can be well rested for tomorrow. Just to get my muscles wamred up i may do some free weight squats, a little bit of abs and some push ups.

Post the results of your meet tomorrow!

Good luck,

alright day for times, good day for places…

3rd place in the 17-18 age group in the 100-11.5

5th place in the 200-24.5…i could do better than this but i got 5th so thats good, i’m extremely inconistent in my placings ofr the 200 so this is the 2nd meet i have placed in the top 5 consecutively (last meet i got 1st w/24.0)

June 23,2003 CNS Work Day

1.) Warm up, normal, rubber band stretching

2.) Sprint Drills

3.) 4x30-maximum speed (the track meet of saturday left me a bit fatigued still)

1x-4.1 seconds

3 min rest

2x-4.08 seconds

3 min rest

3x-4.03 seconds

3 min rest

4x-4.02 seconds

10 minute rest

4.) 4x40 YARDS

1x-4.84 seconds

3 min

2x-4.81 seconds

3 min

3x-4.66 seconds

3 min rest

4x-4.70 seconds

cool down


bench press-4x5-80%


Power Cleans-4x5-85%

Seated Rows-3x8-@85 lbs (i don’t do max outs on this lift)

Reverse Lef Press-3x8-heavy weight(they just have numbers by them so i have really no clue at how much it is.)

ABS leg lifts-3x10 hanging knee ups-3x15 knee up crunches-2x30 3/4 crunch-2x30

Wednesday 6/25/03 CNS Work Day

yesterday i had a tempo day if you didn’t know…lol

today i went through the normal warm up routine.

4x30-3 minute rest



stopped doing 60’s since i was enter the 6’s and i do not want to tax my CNS too much for Junior Olympics on Saturday, which is the State of Ohio JO Championships or in USATF terms, the Ohio Association Championships.

Bench Pres-4x5-80%
Power Cleans04x5-80%
Seated Rows-3x8-medium heavy weight.

good luck fabio, I have Regionals for Junior Olympics this weekend, had State the other week. I hope you do well.

Good training man.

Hey people, when you say tempo what the hell do you mean.

thanks shumon

tempo is like 20x100 but only at 60-75% of your sprint speed. With tempo, its quantity over quality.

matter of fact, today wasa tempo day lol

2x5x100 meters

5 reps of stadium steps

tomorrow i leave for dayton ohio to run at Welcome Stadium for the Association Championships in the junior olympics…i run on 9 am eastern time on saturday.

got back last night at 11 pm…i did alright placing wise. I was lucky to get out of the 100 meter dash, i got one of the last spots but ended up runnign only an 11.7 and placing 5th so i’m movin on to regionals, I don’t know what was with me yesterday, I just couldn’t run at all.

I didn’t make it out of the 200.

The 400 I got 2nd and hada PB of 51.8 woot!

Monday, 6/30/03 CNS and Speed Endurance

Just thought I would work on speed endurance liek a motherthis week since this is a meetless week.

warm up
sprint drills








I’m running consistent 4 flats, I am getting close to my goal of running consistent 3.9’s

Speed Endurance i’ve never ran 120’s before, but they were nice





power to conversion phase

bench press-3x10-50%
incline bench-3x10-50%
rev. leg press-3x10-50%
seated rows-3x10-50%
Abs-about 700 reps

Hey Fabio, I hope you do well at Regionals. I didn’t qualify this year, but will definitely next year.

I was looking at your PB’s and saw something funny. You are faster in the 100/400 but I am faster in the 200. Get that considering the difference in 400 times.

Good luck.

haha yea, thats just dumb me. I run my 200 liek I do my 100-all out. on the other hand i run my 400 strategically by sprinting the first curve, striding the first straightaway, and use the 3rd turn as a buildup to sprint the final straight away.

That’s how I usually run mine, but it gets a little more complicated for me. My 400 would probably be better if I didn’t get hurt, get cleared to return too soon, or had better training ALL year rather than 5 weeks on my own. My PR’s before going on my own were like this:

100m - about an 11.8h (last year)
200m - 24.51 (post injury this year somehow)
400m - 55.90 (pre-injury this year)

What I have in my signature is what I ran after 5 weeks of training on my own. That is why I ask a lot of questions, because I am training 100% on my own next year.

As for running my 200, I do run it all out because I have pretty good speed endurance (look at the 100m to 200m ratio. Only like a .17 drop off). But my actual endurance was crap because of my coaches (look at the 200m to 400m ratio. A drop off of 6.6 seconds. Should be much better). So, I give you props because you are trained, endurance wise, much better than me. I think speed we are about the same.

haha thanks, i agree with all your thoughts. When you train on your own, you get A LOT better. I know from experience. My coach knows nothing about training. Day before our league meet he was makin us do 5x200 full speed! he got mad cuz i was doin them 50% LOL, he wonders why. But since I train all year round and then I have his training durign trakc season, it does not affect me much. Good luck man.