Extremely fast kids

I’m surprised no one has mentioned physical development! Some 15 yo’s are already fully grown! Many of the very fast juniors are a foot taller than everyone else and are growing beards… however every now and then you get a fast junior at the same physical age as the rest, and they’re the one’s to look out for!

10.3 is fantastic for a 15 yo… but not so unknown for an 18 yo. And often the 15 yo has the physical maturity of a 18 yo.

ya I’ve definitely noticed that, when Im walking around people my age look A LOT older. Now I myself, people tell me look older than I really am, but some of these guys I see in pictures and in person…DO NOT look 13-14 or 15-16.

10.3 is only "fantastic for 15 year old ? "
if that’s true, he will go under 9.5 when he grows up… come on.

10.3 is a very good 100m time regardless of age. Though about the grown up part and the 9.5, I think the 10.3 or mid 10 guys or even higher 10s at such a age, they’ve basically already “grown up” looking at their bodies. I’ve seen countless athletes as examples who ran times in that area, then couple years later when they’ve gotten older, their running times slower!

Yea but still I don’t know how developed their brains and nerve systems at that age… not to mention their young training age…

What did Mo run at 15 ? I know he started athletics very young…

I think Mo was running very fast then. I know he was KS state champ 100/200/4x100 I believe all 4 years of HS if Im not mistaken? Not too sure on the times though.

Or go to prison.

jeff demps ran 10.01 as a 17 yo SR in HS. Hes now playing football for the U of Florida

And winning d1 nationals.

what’s he running now? Has he broken 10?

yep he has

As a sophomore Jeff Demps ran the 40 yard dash in 4.23.

10.01sec @ 17 years. Glad to see hes putting his talent to good use. Its few & far between these days.

I’m .6 behind his 40 electronically (which hasn’t been tested in a fair while), which makes me quite happy.

I made my benches Deon Butler (4.26) & Johnny Knox (4.25) this year.

Jeffery Demps (born January 8, 1990 in Winter Garden, Florida,) is a running back for the Florida Gators football team. He was one of the fastest junior athletes in the world, having set the national high school record and equaled Darrel Brown’s 100 meters world junior record of 10.01 seconds. Demps, who is the 2010 NCAA Indoor 60-meter champion, claimed the school’s first 100-meter title since Bernard Williams won in 2000. Demps’ time of 9.96 would have been a new school record had the race not been heavily wind-aided (+2.5). 2008 SEC All-Freshman selection…A CollegeFootballNews.com All-Freshman Honorable Mention…A 2009 nominee for the Doak Walker Award, who was also named a third-team All-SEC selection by Phil Steele.


Great genetics has to be a big factor, especially at that age.

2.5 is not heavily wind aided

It is according to the USATF…

No “new” records when tailwind above +2, also

“The two highest placing finishers at the 2010 USA Junior Outdoor Track & Field Championships, who elect to join the team, may select themselves to represent the USA National Team, provided that they have met the following criteria:
1.Have met the qualifying standard set by the IAAF for the 2010 World Junior Championships. Please note: In order to be eligible to compete, wind-aided marks in the 100m, 200m, 100m Hurdles, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, and Triple Jump will not be accepted, and all qualifying standards must have been met during the period January 1, 2009 to July 5, 2010.”

To appease the statement above:

The “qualifying standard”:
•Wind assisted performances (over 2m/sec) will not be accepted


Which I’m sure High Schools/NCAA etc. follow similiar guidlines.

and a +2.5 is alot…


I think the point was that though 2.5 is certainly wind-aided it is not, in relative terms, HEAVILY wind aided.

How is it not heavily wind aided? Wind aided is any positive tailwind up to +2.0, anything above +2.0 it’s heavily wind aided and does not count in the record books…

I don’t see what your saying is “relative” to what?


I understand the rules and the definition of wind-aided. That is clear for record purposes. That is not what is being disputed.

The belief of whether or not a time is heavily wind-aided is obviously a subjective evaluation of the performance boost from the wind. I don’t think 2.5 would qualify as heavily wind-aided-again this point has nothing to do with records.

Additionally, the NCAA permits qualifying marks for regionals as long as the performances were not aided with tailwinds higher than 4.0.

I think we are talking about two different things here. You are speaking of records and I am talking about how far above a wind legal mark of 2.0 that 2.5 would be-not much different. I think that was the original point too.

Enjoy your day…


If it means anything, I’ve stood beside wind gages and have almost been blown over, to find out later the official reading was +0.4 or even 0.0. Likewise, there has been a light gust of wind that shows up as +3.5 m/s.

Cough 10.49 Cough