Extremely fast kids

Looking at this site: http://www.eliteyouth.com/rf2007/rf2007.asp?DCODE=IB&ECode=100

as well at records from ontario, canada. I see such extreme speed in different age groups, but a lot of times, there name is never seen again.

In that link there is a 15 year old running 10.3, if you go to the 200m, you’ll find another 15 year old running 20.95 in the 200m. Some of those times are for 16 year olds. We look at the 400m, and there is 47s, 4x100m relay, there’s 41s. This is some pretty crazy shit. Funny thing is a percentage of those athletes continue at their level for a few more years, almost all of them however, you never hear of them again.

Another kid in ontario, (marlon laidlaw-allen), has run 21.98 and 10.8, both electric and the 21.98 was done indoor. He also won hershey’s north american championships last year in a time of 22.3 with no blocks and no spikes (no spikes allowed in hershey).

So the point anyways, there’s all these super fast kids, but why is it so many of them die off the competition and are never heard of again?

I think you’ll find in most cases they give up and either play another or nothing. This is the case with most (all?) sports.

So all these kids have talent to go world class? or would you say most of them do?

I would be overstepping my knowledge to predict that, but there is a HUGE difference between being extremely talented at 15 years old and a world class at mid 20’s. There’s a whole lot of distractions on the way through, certainly those times indicate the potential though.

Someone once said, “More sprinters are un-made than made from training.” This may also be the case.


what does that mean exactly lol

I’m pretty sure it means that due to the crap training that the vast majoriy of young sprinters go through, their talent goes to waste in the longer run.

Mostly because endurance has a huge effect on the 100m for kids, who really should be concentrating on shorter distances like 50m. This emphasis on endurance here, while showing results in the short run, is detrimental to the development of top speed later. Even if the misdirection can be overcome via training changes, what are the odds that this will happen?

that list seems a bit sketchy, i follow the us high school scene pretty well and i’m only familiar with half of the people going sub 10.4 on the under 18 list.

i’m pretty sure someone screwed up some data entry and put 11.xx’s as 10.xx’s.

i did some googling and the 10.3 15 year old doesn’t show up faster than a 10.7 this season.

tubman did actually run a 20.9w 200 in his first year of track though.

For HS kids who will not competitively run past HS, wouldnt SE focus be better?

I’m thinking of kids even younger than that

Ah yes, big no-no for the youngsters.

The 10.3 guy, was the 10.7 for this year, cause that link is for 2007 and it just goes further to my point that so many of these are one timers and dont last.

Also do you have any info on that Tubman guy? Usually we dont see guys come out of nowhere and ran 20.9 at such a young age.

Thank you Stef. Obviously, you read the book also.


TRUST ME if he’d run 10.3 i’d find it somewhere on the net on a reputable site, that time is bullshit. he probably ran 11.3 last year and then 10.7 this year.

you don’t really have an argument that a bunch of flash in the pan high schoolers exist. generally most high schooler sprinters have a good progression through a season barring injury and run their fastest in the summer club circuit or at their state meet and tend to open up their sophomore or junior seasons faster than they finished their freshmen and sophomore seasons. basically theres no way the 10.7 guy ran 10.3 as a sophomore and then failed to even touch that as a junior. esp when the 10.3 isn’t on the texas high school track and field site or on the national track and field site(and these places really don’t remove wind aided/altitude aided marks ever).

that list is crap. try milesplit.us or dyestat.com for a more complete list, if not broken down by age.

tubman is an American football player who started doing track because of the speed he showed on the football field.

Ya i believe you.
One just thinks where all this speed comes from

most of it comes from naturally talented kids growing up playing football and running age group track.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned physical development! Some 15 yo’s are already fully grown! Many of the very fast juniors are a foot taller than everyone else and are growing beards… however every now and then you get a fast junior at the same physical age as the rest, and they’re the one’s to look out for!

10.3 is fantastic for a 15 yo… but not so unknown for an 18 yo. And often the 15 yo has the physical maturity of a 18 yo.

ya I’ve definitely noticed that, when Im walking around people my age look A LOT older. Now I myself, people tell me look older than I really am, but some of these guys I see in pictures and in person…DO NOT look 13-14 or 15-16.

10.3 is only "fantastic for 15 year old ? "
if that’s true, he will go under 9.5 when he grows up… come on.