Extra heart-beats/bounces

Anyone have extra heart beats( two quick beats, and then a pause, then a hard 1)
I have that 4-5 times a day, but I’ve been to a heart doctor and says that it is not dangerous…
happens seldom during training, most after high intensive training, and periods when I sleep too much or little sleep

Did you get a ECG done, heart arthymia’s are normal if they are can be stabilised quickly.

If you are in the US it will be refered to as a EKG, what did the result show?. Post your ECG results and i will be able to provide more assistance.

yes i tested my self with EKG…
the heart doc saw on the results and he saw and listened to/on my heart on a screen, and I was tested while training hard on a bicycle
I believe that it is a normal thing to have extra beats
He concluded that it was not dangerous and I could just keep on training…
arythmia is dangerous if the heart dont go back to normal rythm, but just keep running and running, then u may have a blackout

Anything along this line is best left to a specialist, which you are doing, and, as cases can vary so greatly, comparisons don’t tell you much.

Probably just a VEB (ventricular ectopic beat). Not a real issue, especially if it is only 4 or 5 times a day. It may go away and come back every now and again - are you particularly stressed at the moment? AS your doc says, pretty common and not a real worry (thinking and worrying about it will probably cause more).