Expert Forums

Due to demand we have opened up the Expert Forums for all users.



I actually enjoyed having the expert forums kept semi-private. Newbies beware (and if you’re lazy, be damned. Educate yourselves before posting questions you haven’t put any work into)!!

Great point…I like building on the previous posts and not going through ground hog day. :mad:

Lazy posts be warned.

I concur.
Although not one of the ‘experts’ IMO it is a good idea to have a seperate area where discussion is more in depth. If need be expand the users but don’t sacrifice quality for volume :smiley:

I agree. Although i never post there, i do enjoy the quality of the posts.

My little suggestion: Password protect it, then require everyone to purchase CFTS to get a password.

There were only two problem swith the expert section previously. One was that there were some still running threads kept there (Optimal Sprint Spikes for example) and the other was that they could not be searched, only browsed, if you did not have “expert” status.

Let’s see how things go. I think it will work; I hope it will work.