Experiences with false start rule

Has anyone fallen foul of the current 1 warning for the field false start rule (besides Mr Drummond)?

For the first time in my life I was DQ a couple of weeks ago, and feel a bit pissed off about it (as well as at myself). I am positive the first guy jumped deliberately early, and I lost my composure a bit when we were held so long in set for the second start.

What are other peoples experiences, and has the change been good or bad for athletics?

It’s a BAD RULE, but, sadly, it hasn’t gone away. Good starters are getting jerked around by bad starters, in order to nail them into the blocks, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, average sprinters are getting screwed by favourites, who try to catch a “flyer” on the first start, because they can hold back on the second and still win. It would be far better to return to the old rule, but, if that isn’t possible, the NCAA rule, with no false starts.

Ouch, no false starts. That removes some issues but is still harsh.
Is it practical to penalise false starters distance like they do in pro races? And possibly starting officals could be harder (with a warning) on runners who take to much time settling into the set position, and keep the whole field holding while they fidget.

Anything so there is no repeat in Athens of what happend at the WC’s.

They’d never accept a distance penalty because TV execs, who’ve never jogged around the block, are writing the rules and want to stay on schedule. Agree about people stalling at the start! And what’s all this crap about raising your hand cause you don’t “feel ready”? Where does it say you can do that? Hey! This is race day! Why the hell aren’t you ready? If you don’t have a legit reason (blocks broken, etc) that should always have been ruled a false start under the old rules. Under the new rules, with so much at stake, if you deliberately disrupt the field, you should be gone!

all athletes are totally against the new rule and it is very harsh but has the NCAA rule ever been changeed or is it the same,false start and bye bye? i’ve often watched track on tv and honestly there is nothing worse than watching false start after false start which looks very bad and can dampen down the race alot.has anyone got any ideas on how to create a new rule? personnally i’m getting used to the rule and as CF said the “amature” weill try to get the jump on the favorite and will result in a FS.relax in the blocks and you will not FS and you will get the quickest RT every time

Next meet, 100m and somone jumps again. Managed to keep my cool this time, but need to work on the relaxation.

When you get set on the blocks, try developing tunnel vision. That way, all you can see is the finish line and are totally oblivious to everything around you.