I’m thinking about making the transition over from sleds to the exegenie - seems to be easier to transport and easier on my lower hamstring tendons. Looks very similar to Charlie isorobic.


Good idea. I have about 5 of them. A mix of isorobic/Apollo/Exergenie.
Easy to get off eBay for around $40-50 and order a 100’ nylon rope from Home Depot.
Adding a load sensor later can get one some good data.
Although, Too many ppl jump on data and haven’t even come close to proper relaxation/form/smoothness etc.

did you get this. Last one I had was a old one from ebay. Lasted a while.

Not yet… Debating if I should spend $400 since sled pulls always cause lower hamstring issues. I’m wondering if the pull from the exergenie is different from the sled.

Well surface friction with a sled will not be an issue

Well I had 5. Sold them all pretty quickly. Didn’t receive any kind of review at all from any of the five that purchased them, even after giving them solid info after. Lack of class. Ignored ppl that offered lower prices. They are always the ones that create problems after the sale. I also stay away from ppl with certain last names. Racist or just avoiding headaches from them.

I’ll purchase a couple more soon.