Excess Iron

For Ironhead, Clemson,et al.

Is excess iron a concern for male athletes? I tend to eat a lot of red meat and buffalo, and was wondering if that is something I should monitor. I read up on this on T-mag.

how expensive is buffalo relative to beef?

I get mine for about 4.99 a pound…(ground buffalo patties).

What did T-Mag say about it? Also, excessive amounts of protein intake can be toxic to the body. If a person chronically takes in protein in excessive amounts, it can lead to a condition called gout.

Its a metabolic condition (a form of arthritis) where the Uric Acid levels increase and releases Calcium Crystalline deposits at joints, predominantly the feet; specifically the big toe, but can affect other toes, including knees and hands (but its more rare). Its causes painful inflammation of the joints.

The great thing about natural food (most of the time) is that it is rare to consume toxic levels of minerals. Too much iron can cause infections and that is from too much supplementation.