Excercises that would help my technique on 60m? (new competition footage)

Please check out my 60m run and give your insights on what I could improve. I’m particularly intrested in suggestions on new excercises/drills that could improve my technique and speed. (I’m the guy out on the left, the outmost lane).

60m Competition

Thanks in advance!

The link didn’t work for me… :confused:

Do you mean the guy closest or furthest way?

ok, try to paste this address in your browser:


(the file is pretty big, so it might take a while)

I’m the guy closest to the camera :slight_smile:

its very very difficult to give you a real opinion on your technique as ytjhe camera in jherky and your uniform dosen’t blend wit your wjhilt legs :stuck_out_tongue: but having slowed down your clip you don’t look to bad at all.

you have tjhe basic areas of technique in place but as time goes on and ceratin areas improve you can work on more aspects.for now i would post your routine and let us have a look.or if possible could you post a clip of a training run so i can see you in better detail



The link didn’t work for me…

You have to right click it then go to “save target as” and save it on ur computer first then watch it. Well at least thats what I did.

what was your time?

my time was 8.02

any suggestions?

I personally think my range of motion might be limited (the knees should be further away from each other on each stride.) Any excercises/stretches/flexibility movements you guys can recommend?

thanks again!

I’m no expert on sprinting, but just going by movement characteristics in the clip, it looks like your don’t skip across the ground in a springy reflexive manner. Long ground contact times.
Maybe you just need to get stronger relative to your bodyweight to improve stiffness and snap, and work on fast and quick hops on and off steps and such, working on max rep speed and being relaxed

I think you’re right CoolColJ - my ground contact is far from optimal. I could definently incorparate more skipping and bounding in my training sessions. Thanks for the tip!

get a proper video set-up where we can view you better.you’ll be suprised by what you can see and DON’T change anything.with proper training you will open up your technique(stride etc)