Evils Results '06

Date: 4/16/06
Meet: Frontier (re-schedule)
Events: 100m; 200m; 4x200m

100: 12.25; 2nd Place
200: 24.88; 1st Place
4x200: 1:46.01; 2nd Place
(Lidner, Letendre, Hayes, Cooper)

I wouldve won the 100m, but I pulled up at the last 20m and the dude passed me running a 12.17 :mad: in the 200m, I did the ato boldon, easy 50, sprint to the end (even though I have enough endurance to run all the way) :cool: in the 4x2, we were even all the way, until a frontier runner tripped our 4th leg (cooper) from the sidelines. FROM THE SIDELINES! :eek: