Everbody-this demands attention!

get ready to be impressed

i live in florida- there is a lot of speed from this state, but this is ridiculous.
i live right down the street from Palm Bay high school and last week a kid from their track program ran at the state meet…

100meters- 10.59 - 1st place
200 meters- 20.69 -1st place,state record
400 meters - 46.08 - 1st place

he swept the meet in all the sprints (he is “reported” to have run a 10.38 in the 100m earlier this year).
the icing on the cake…he is 17 years old, he wasnt even a senior.

Charlie, what do think? this is happening right down the street from me.
-the icing on the cake…

damn :o
10.38…he can challenge Mo
Mo ran 10.33 :baddevil::

Xavier wasn’t “reported” to have run 10.38 he did run 10.38 earlier this year (yes it was electronic timing) and the 10.59 at states was into a -2.5 head wind. The times on the 200 and the 400 were also with him more or less pulling up at the finish. He also ran these finals times on the same day after runnign prelims in all three races. Kid has some skills.

hes also run a 45.88 earlier in the year… the boys name is xavier carter… he is only a junior.

or even DC

CHeck out this site, http://www.dyestat.com , X swept the sprints at Arcadia(where he won the 100 in 10.38S) as well! But also check out this Walter Dix kid from Coral Springs, 10.46s -1.7(I think he’s a junior as well, contrary to what’s on the front page, check the full results)! Both are fully capable of 10.2s this year! Does anyone know if these two will be running at the AOC’s? BTW, athlete where do you live in Palm Bay? I’m going to live in Melbourne for most of this summer(parents got a condo there, they’re old, thinking about retiring) and I’ve trained at Palm Bay high before.

do 4x400 relay splits count? my friend ran a 46.? at state championships last weekend and consistently ran 47 adn 48 splits all year-sadly he never ran the open 400

Theodore Gin of Cleveland Glennville,Ohio is only a Junior and can run a 20.6 200, 13.7 110 hurdles, and a 36.8 300 meter hurdlesand Ohio isn’t known for their superbly fast sprinters lol.

here’s a list of last year’s 100 meter dash winners in Ohio

Division 1-10.6
Division 2-10.9
Division 3-11.1

we gotta be one of the weakest 100 meter tiems in the country LOL

We have a vid-clip of him somewhere on the site.

This kid is great, no doubt, but why all the fuss (on all the track boards)? Kids run that fast every year

thats true Kevin.the fact is that they must stick with what is working for them and to let the natural progression happen.you see these kids getting serious scholarships and getting promised this or that and in the meanwhile the new head coach has them doing stupid workouts.just hope his coach looks after him