Ever throw up during training?

Yesterday I came very close to throwing up during training for the first time. I was doing leg press very ‘intensely’ i.e a lot of effort. Last set I did the stack for 11 reps (nearly in a full squat position), then got a sharp pain at the back of my head - think I strained my neck, then felt sick for about 10 minutes.

I’m mainly training as a weightlifter at the moment and only doing leg press because of a core injury that prevents me doing squats. I want to improve my front squat a bit hence leg press.

I’m not eating much at the moment, do you think that might be a factor? Otherwise what do you think causes people to throw up sometimes (physiologically)?

Do any of you throw up after high rep squats or anything?

I have sometimes felt a bit natious after doing a lot of volume on squats or high reps (10-12) with a pretty decent amount of weight. I once did a set to failure (back in high school my junior year when I didn’t know any better)… I did about 19 reps with I think 195 on there… Thought I was going to throw up any minute… Laid on the ground for a while… Did 3 more sets of 10 with a bit heavier weight and was DONE… My legs were sore for a week… Hmm I wonder why?? haha :eek: … Legs are intense though. Maybe that’s why almost all members at the gym I work at hardly ever do squats. It’s a rare site I must say…

This is quite normal if you are training to fatigue (until you cannot lift the weight) with higher repetitions, especially with exercises using a large proportion of your muscle mass.

It is just your body trying to tell you something :stuck_out_tongue: If you train consistantly like this you will become accustomed to it. Be warned workouts like that can take a very long time to recover from 3-6 days depending how hard you pushed it.

Almost throw up yesterday at the end of my track work ( 5x200m 95% )…feelings like: natious ( nauseas ), cold sweating, and tonture…but this was probabily because i´m lunching after work, and just taking some sandwich before track. In 10 years of weight train, never felt this before.

What I understand is after the difficult training that has been descirbed the stomach goes into a hypoxic state (lack of oxygen?) and this causes the naeusea somehow. Also nausea is said to be caused since sprinting has a jarring effect.

What makes you say this?


Ok. Time to check through 1 of my 20 binders and get everyone soem info on this!!! :smiley:

This was based off discussion on the sportscience list…

1-Shunting of blood away from gastrointestinal tract to working muscles: stomach responds by trying to expel contents involuntarily
***-This is kind of what I was getting at but did not explain fully… blood transports oxygen and if the blood is going ot the working muscles instead of the GI Tract nausea can occur

2-gastrophageal reflux brought on by the valsalva maneuver (I guess this touches sort of what I said before?)

3-Intense activation of the CNS

4-Change in blood PH produced by the anerobic metabolism of pyruvic acid. Low Levels of lactic acid are normally producedd by the normal glycolytic pathways, however if increased lactate production or decreased use occurs, lactate can accumulate.