Evaluate training program

Hey guys just drafting an in-season training schedule for a semi-pro soccer team. This is the weekly schedule…could ye run the rule over it? Thanks

Sunday - Game

Monday - Tempo session (cycling/rowing machine)

Tuesday- Team training (This will involve some small sided games, skill based drills etc…obviously will involve some maximal sprinting). Following the 1 hour training session I was thinking of some CNS work- maybe a 30 gym session involving squats, bench and cleans 5x5 or 4x6.

Wednesday - Recovery: maybe pool work-aqua jogging.

Thursday- Team training (without the lifting)

Friday- Speed session (sprints and plyos)

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Game

My own thoughts: I’m concious about the lack of recovery between the thursday training session and the speed work on friday…could this pose a problem?

Anyone want to make any suggestions/restructuring? (Note: I cant move the training sessions on tues. or thurs)

Would you be able to do speed work before practice Tue Thur, weights after? Fri’s speed work would be easy tempo?

How do the players feel about playing after a days rest? Would some rather do an easy tempo and stretch session the day before? or is there travel involved?