Evaluate my Program

This is the lifting/running program I put together to get ready for the upcoming football season. I’m going to be a senior in college, and I’m a 6’1 245lb guard. I’m using a 3 day Westside split (with the floating day) and I’m trying to use the CFTS for my speed/conditioning. On my speed days I am starting to throw in some gassers/shuttles so that I am ready for the type of condtioning when we start camp, and on my tempo day I am going to start using pattern runs (like Football Coach suggets) to get some specific metabolic condtioning (obvioulsy tempo volume will decrease).

Let me know what you guys think

Friday- May 27th
Pre: Band Ext. Rotation (2x12), Face Pulls (2x15), Thumbs down Lat Raise (2x12) Giant Set
Main Workout:
1.D/E Bench: 135x3x3 (2 close, 1 wide), 145x3x8 (all sets had a double looped mini band)
2.Close Grip Pin Press: 225x5, 245x3, 255x3 (then mini band pushdowns x25)
3.Seated Rows (wave bar/wide): 160x10, 170x10x3
4.Rear Delt Raise (lying on decline): 15x8x3
5.Hammer Curls: 45x8x2 (8 each arm) (supersetted with rear delts)
Post: Static Flex – Shoulders, Lats
Running: Tempo Runs
1.Dynamic Warmup – Knee Pulls, Heel Pulls, Russians, Backwards Russians, Awesome Grabs, Reverse Lunges, Skips, Quick Skips, Mini Buildups
2.10x40’s (around 7 seconds) (30s rest)
3.6x100’s (around 20-22 seconds) (30s rest)
Total Volume: 1000 yards

Tuesday – May 31st
Pre: Hurdle Mobility (step over, duck under laterally), Awesome Grabs, Band Leg Curls x 10
Main Workout:
1.Front Squat: 45x5, 135x5, 185x3, 210x3, 235x3, 255x3, 275x3, 295x3, Approx Max: 320
2.RDL: 205x8, 215x8x2
3.Single Leg Power Runner: 130x8 (8e.l.), 140x8, 145x8
4.Pullthroughs: 90x15, 100x15, 120x15
5.AB Pulldowns: 120x15, 140x15, 150x15
Running: Tempo Runs
1.Dynamic Warmup – Heel Pulls, Awesome Grabs, Russians, Backwards Russians, Reverse Lunges, Leg Kick Overs (on hurdle), Skips, Quick Skips
2.10x40’s (around 7 seconds) (walk back recovery)
3.1x3 on track stadium, 1x1 on big stadium (run from disabled stand, up, over, walk)
4.10x40’s (same)
Total Volume: 800 yards + whatever the stadiums were

Wednesday – June 1st
Pre: Ext Rotation, DB Cleans, Band Pullbacks (all 2x10)
Main Workout
1.Floor Press: Barx10, 95x10, 135x3, 165x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3, 245x2, 245x1
Approx Max: 260
2.BB Row: 155x8, 165x8x2, 170x8
3.Rolling DB Tri Ext: 20x10x2, 25x10x2
4.L-Raise: 15x10x2, 20x10
5.Decline DB Press/Face Pulls: 55/90x15, 55/100x15
Running: Tempo Runs
1.Dynamic Warmup – Heel Pulls, Awesome Grabs, Russians, Shuffle, Caricoa
2.10x100’s (50yard walk for recovery)_
Total Volume: 1000 yards

Friday – June 3
Pre: Bench Step Overs 2x10, Lateral Bench Step Overs 2x10, Rev Lunges 2x, Capital Drill 1x10, Back Extensions/Crunches 2x15
Main Workout:
1.Hang Clean: 205x2x4, 225x2x3
2.D/E Squat: 225x2, 265x2x2 (stopped cause my quad was killing me)
3.Good Morning: 135x8, 155x8, 165x8, 185x5 (just for fun)
4.Pulldown Abs: 150x15x5
5.Banded Leg Curls: 3x20
Running: Tempo Runs
1.Dynamic Warmup – Cocky Walk, Knee Hugs, Heel Pulls (x2 to stretch out my quad), Awesome Grab, Lateral Lunges, Dog In Bush, High Knees, Butt Kicks
2.6x100 (19-20 seconds) 1st two did Burpees x10, 2nd two did Pushups x15, 3rd two did Line Jumps x30 (ended up resting about 45-60s between each run
3.Rest 2 minutes
4.6x100 (19-20s) did these just straight up with about 35-45s rest
Total Volume: 1000 yards

Monday – June6
Pre: Ext Rotations, Shoulder Box (3x12 both), Abs/Hypers (1x20 free, 2x15w/Plate)
Main Workout:
1.D/E Bench: 135x3 (close), 135x3 (wide), 150x3x9 (with doubled mini’s)
2.Close Grip Towel: 185x5, 205x5, 220x3, 245x3
3.Seated Rows (wave bar, wide): 170x10x2, 180x8x2
4.Rear Delt Raises (off decline): 20x8x3
5.Hammer Curl: 45x8x2
Running: Accel Day
1.Dynamic Warmup – Russians, Ankle Grabs, Awesome Grabs, Rev. Lunges, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca, Skips (All 2x10 yds)
2.8x10’s (all ~1.9s) (1minutes rest) Rest 2m after
3.6x20’s (all ~3.3s) (2 minutes rest) Rest 2m after
4.2x40’s (all ~5.8s) (2 minutes rest)
Total Volume: 280yds
Note: Running with a pretty solid side wind today, proally hurt my longer runs times (i’m not that slow, my pr in the 40 is 5.1)

Tuesday – June 7, 2005
Running: Tempo/Conditioning Day
1.Dynamic Warmup – Russians, Backwards Russians, Heel Pull, Awesome Grabs, Reverse Lunge, Lateral Lunge (1x), High Knee Crossover Skips, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca, Skips (All 2x15yds)
2.10x50s (all ~8,7-8,9) (30s r.i.)
3.Situps x 30, Line Jumps x 36, Chinnes x 16 (all 2x)
4.10x50s (all ~8.5-8,8) (30s r.i.)
Total Volume: 1000yds

Wednesday – June 8, 2005
Pre: Russians, Backwards Russians, Heel Pull, Awesome Grabs, Bench Step Overs, Lateral Bench Step Overs (1x10 each), Back Ext./Abs (2x15)
1.Hang Clean – 155x3, 225x3x2, 245x3x2
2.Front Squat – 45x5, 95x5, 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 245x1, 270x1, 295x1, 315x1, 335x1
3.RDL – 235x6x2, 245x6x2
4.Plate Pinches – 2 10lb plates in each hand: 3x35s holds
5.Lat Ab PD’s – 70x12, 90x12x3
Post: Static Flex – Hammy’s, Quads, Hips

Thursday – June 9
No running today, sore knee

Friday – June 10, 2005
Pre: Ext. Rotations, Shoulder Box, DB Cleans (2x12,8) Back Ext/Abs (3x15, w/Plate)
1.2 Board Press – 95x5, 135x5, 185x3, 205x3, 225x1, 245x1, 265x1, 280x1, 295xmiss
2.DB Ext (with roll) – 25x10, 30x8, 30x8, 35x8x2
3.BB Row – 165x8x2, 175x8x2 (w/straps)
4.L-Raise – 30x10x2
5.DB Press w/ Face Pulls – 80x8/70x10, 80x8/70x10

Monday – June 13, 2005
Pre: Russians, Heel Pulls (2x10 approx) Bench Stepovers (1x10 e.l.), Band Ab PD’s, Band LC’s, Back Ext., Band Face Pull (2x15)
1.D/E Squat: 225x3, 275x2, 285x2x7 (I think it was 7, not completely sure about it)
2.Good Mornings: 165x6, 175x6, 185x6, 195x3
3.Power Runner: 145x8, 155x8, 170x8
4.Pullthroughs: 110x10, 120x10, 130x10
5.Front Bridges: 3x45s, 1x45s for 1 backwards one (the rest interval was approx 35-45s)
Running: Accel Day
1.Dynamic Warmup: Knee Hugs, Heel Pulls, Awesome Pulls, Shuffle, High Knees, Butt Kicks, High Knee Crossover, Skips to Sprint (all about 2x12 yards)
2.8x10’s (~1.9-2s) r.i. was 1m between sprints
3.Rest 2.5m
4.6x20’s (~3.1-3.3) r.i. was 1.5m between sprints
5.Rest 1.5m
6.2xPro Agil (bad track to run on, times were 5+)
7.2xGassers (1:15 r.i., 1st -38s, 2nd – 41s)

Tuesday – June 14
Running: Tempo/Conditioning
1.Dynamic Warmup: Russians, Backward Russians, Knee Hugs, Heel Pulls, Awesome Grab, Capital, Scorpions, Shuffles, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Skips,
2.10x50 (~8.5 to 9s) (25s rest)
3.GPP Circuit: Mountain Climbers, Skywalkers, Ali Shuffles, Crunches (2x25 each)
4.6x50 (same) walk back rest
5.Static Flex: Hammys, Hips, Quads

Wednesday – June 15
Pre: Ext. Rotations, Shrugs, Face Pulls (2x10-20) Med Ball Chest Passes (fast) 1x10 each arm
1.D/E Bench – 135x3, 155x3, 155x3x8 (all with doubled minis), 175x3, 190x3, 215x1, 235x1 (bands with all of these too)
2.4 Board Press – 245x5, 265x3, 285x3, 290x3
3.Seated Row – 180x10x2, 190x8x2, 200x6 (used close grip on the wave bar for this set)
4.Rear Delt Raises – 20x8x3
5.Band Tri pushdowns – 5x15

Anyone want to reply? I’m particurlay interested in the comments would have for my running.

Well, I think you may be trying to mix too many different systems and training modalities. I am not a fan of WS for speed training. If you are doing your sprint work, then the DE days are unecessary and you are down the road to doing a pure CFTS.

So, I can’t really give you any good advice as to how to integrate a WS lifting program with a CFTS speed program. They are not separate things…the training you do in the gym effects the track work and vise versa, so you can’t separate them and say “I have a lifting program, now tell me what to do for my speed work.” If you just add the speed work on top, then you will likely fry your CNS.

Secondly, gassers/shuttles are not speed work. They generally fall into the 75% - 90% intensity zone and therefore are discouraged from use in the CFTS because they are too slow to improve your speed, but too fast to recover from (especially from an CNS standpoint.)

I’m not sure what you mean by pattern runs (for a guard!), but remember that if it is faster than 75% of your max speed, then it is not tempo. Tempo should get your heart rate up, but feel smooth and easy. Your last tempo run should be as fast as your first. If you can’t achieve that, then you are going at too high of an intensity. Tempo is used in between your high intensity / fast days to give your CNS time to recover. If you also end up pounding your CNS on those days as well, then expect your performance to decrease over the long run (at best) or get injured (at worst.)

Im kinda with XLR on this one.
WSBBcan be used with speed as in Defrancos Westside for Skinny Bastards II Program and while I like both his speed program and strength program I like the lifting program alot more if it was done by itself. I find that doing total body lifting 3 x a week and sprinting on those days as well with tempo in between a better more efficent choice. For example a typcial week may look like this.

CF Speed Training (Accel.)
Olympic Lift variation
Squat variation OR Unilateral Movement
Push variation
Pull variation
Posterior Chain exercise

Position Skills or Tempo

SpeedTraining (Change of Direction)
Olympic Lift variation
Squat variation OR Unilateral Movement
Push variation
Pull variation
Posterior Chain exercise

Position Skills or Tempo

CF Speed Training (Accel.)
Olympic Lift variation
Squat variation OR Unilateral Movement
Push variation
Pull variation
Posterior Chain exercise

Tempo or Strongman Training


Now of course that is a veryyyy basic outline. From there doing totall body 3x a week you can get a little Westside Esque by having one of the Push Variations dynamic bench or by using box squats ect. Just dont overdo the volume.
Also you can vary the speed training week by week. Week 1 you may have 2 accel session and 1 change of direction session and week 2 maybe 2 change of direction sessions and 1 accel session.
And of course you can add some isolation assistance exercises as well as neck and grip stuff if you would like.

Coach Rob Lowe who also posts on this site has a good strength training program which is set up sort of on a Westside format as well.
However I still prefer to do 3 total body workouts per week. It seems more balanced. I’d like to hear from others.
You can find his program here.