European Races


hoping that some coaches based in Europe can help me out here.

I am looking to bring a group of 10 taiwanese 100/200/400m male sprinters to Europe between Aug 15 to Sept 20…

Does anyone have any contacts for any agents or suggestions for ther best way to get them into some B series meets… and or relay comps…

times for the athletes are - 100m - 10.26 - 10.35 / 200m 20.71 - 21.10 / 400m sub 46.20 - 46.98.

we are working towards the Asian games this December in Doha, Qatar & Obviously Beijing.
the squads youngest is aged 17 and oldest just 23.

Nanny :slight_smile:

Wow!!! That’s some serious talent. How long have you been training them?

are these athletes ranked in their country? if so it would be easier

been working with the sprints team since early 2004 spread my time between taiwan and squad in australia,yeah not wrong about talent the taiwanese aboriginals are freaks part asian part portugese.
been a struggle it has taken me 2 years for them to start a relay program

these athletes are the top ranked in tawain the ones we have targeted towards 2006 Asian Games & Beijing and i have been given a budget for a 5-6 week comp block in europe as well as summer training camp for our next aussie summer.

Being my first tilt at european races am not sure where to start looking for suitable meets and or even proper relay meets…
be greatfull for any help…


In Austria we have hardly any top level athletes, but Mr. Wagner is one of the main managers in the European Athl. circus managing some of the top athletes (USA (Kellie White was man. by Wagner) and GB, too).
Maybe there is a danger of him taking athletes away from you, no idea what he can do for you.
But if you want to get in contact with him:

Robert Wagner
Untersperr 4a
A-4644 Scharnstein - Austria
Phone: +43/7615/24381
Fax: +43/7615/24384
GSM-Mobile: +43/676/7577730

btw: who’s the girl on your avatar?



greatest legs in the business

Hi Guys thanks for the private emails with all the help for competitions for my athletes…

when we leave taipei we will be looking for a training base to fly into and as this will be not only mine but my athletes first venture into europe i am after any suggestions or help no matter how trivial…

as others have done you can just send me a private msg of you feel more comfortable…