ESPN Disney and NTC Clermont

Last week I traveled to Orlando to meet up with Jimson Lee and visit Olympic coaches and athletes at ESPN Disney and NTC Clermont. It was an incredibly fun experience and we spent the better part of each day with Hakan Anderson, Dennis Mitchell, Brooks Johnson, John Herbert, Stephen Maguire, and Lance Brauman. It was the perfect venue to set up timing equipment in a real-world scenario. NTC Clermont may have as many as three to six track teams training simultaneously and track space is a premium, so accurately measuring hurdle splits, accelerations, and fly-in sprints without having to forfeit any track real estate was a big win. Jimson interviewed several of the coaches while we were there with yours truly holding the camera. The first two interviews with Dennis Mitchell and Brooks Johnson are posted below.


Well spoken comments from Dennis.

I remember when ntc first opened. They had a meet every month. Now it’s down to one maybe two a year. Dennis would always make sure we ran with the wind. He would even run a b final for those who didnt make the final.