Erik Wymeersch back

The enfant-terrible of belgian athletics is on track again. He missed last year his selection for the WC indoor running 6.69 (selection time: 6.68).

This summer he started with a 10.37 (W:0.6)
This is just 0.02 above the EC minimum.

Not good?? He’s 36 :slight_smile:

Now the interesting part, he was on Belgian television where they followed him on training. He claims to run 6*100m 100% everyday and adds that sprint training is very similar to powerlifting training.

(He said this when they asked him what was his secret, but didnt want to go in details, if you want them, you need to call him and if you pay him well enough he would tell you haha)

Imo he’s just laughing with everyone in Belgium about the 6100m cause that sounds like sht

any thought?