Eric's workout

I’ve been placing my sessions in the 100 meter forum but I guess this is the proper place. Anywho, my weight is holding at 192 apparently the result of missed tempo sessions and 2 weddings-one in Nebraska, the other in Las Vegas. I was hoping to be 188-190 by now- the official start of my 6wk GGp. Saturday’s hill session 3x(6x40 meters) felt very fast. In fact after completing my first 2 cycles of 6x40’s cut the last cycle out, cooled down and headed for the gym.

Sat 7/30/05
Sprint: Hill Work
Warm up 1&2
5x60m stride-outs
2X(6x40 meters) stopped after 2nd 40m in 3rd cycle.
cooldown & massage
Liquid bcaa- twin lab
Bench- Flat
1x15 reps- 95 lbs
1x10 reps- 95 lbs
1x5 reps- 125 lbs
1x3 reps- 275 lbs
1x3 reps- 305 lbs
1x2 reps- 325 lbs (motivated to show up big mouth bodybuilder-wannabe benching next to me, who can’t seem to stop staring at himself)
More bcaa
1x10 reps- 135 lbs
1x5 reps- 135 lbs
1x5 reps- 225 lbs
1x5 reps- 275 lbs
1x5 reps- 315 (reps 4&5 assisted)

Stiff-legged deads:
1x10 reps- 135 lbs
1x10 reps- 225 lbs (my hams/gluts are alot stronger than this but I never bring wrists straps. Not bragging but I don’t want to raise questions when my stiffs jump 100 lbs.
Reverse Press: (Hammer machine)
1x8 reps- 150 lbs max. weight possible
1x8 reps- 150 lbs
1x8 reps- 150 lbs

Lat Pldns- 2 sets
Seated Row- 2 sets