Eric's "Continous" Journal

Ok. Back from 2 weeks+ vacation and 10 pounds fatter. It could have been worst so I won’t stress. Last week was spent basically getting my body back into running (tempo, light Plyos, abs…) So yesterday was my first day back on the track seriously so I dropped the volume some… I have pleny of time, right? Right.

Tues. 9/27- 197 lbs
2 laps
200m arm rotations
200m shuffles
3x30m carioca
3x30m a & b skips
1x100m stride out
Sprint Training:
5x10m lying
5x20m lying
5x30m lying
1x(3x 20m easy fast easy)
Weight Training:
I have way too much muscle as it is and I look like a damn truck. I gotta get some video so you all can see this bulldozer rumbling down the track… Fat Sluggish and Slow. But not for long baby… Lean Muscular and Fast.
Bench Press:
1x15 reps- 95lbs (arm rotations)
1x5 reps- 135
1x3 reps- 275
1x3 reps- 305
1x2 reps- 315
Reverse Leg Press Machine
1x8 reps- plate #8 (80 lbs?)
1x8 reps- plate #10
1x8 reps- #10
Hypers w/ 40 pound barbell
1x10 reps
1x10 preps
Lat pulldown (front)
1x 10 reps 150
I think I will purposely cut back the weight on all exercises except the explosive movements from now on. I recently droped dips and chins altogether as I figured they were only keeping my upper body size maintained. Bruce Lee once said that BEING powerful and explosive is more important than LOOKING the part anyway.

I really have a hard time pushing myself to do tempo runs. It’s pretty easy to tell myself that I should save my legs and ride a bike instead, rationalizing away that I am still loosing body fat and ignoring all the benifits of Tempo work. I just hate the feeling of being tired during the runs… But alas, I remembered something former head football coach at Nebraska, Tom Osborne once said- One of the greatest challenges for any athlete is to do those things in training that he doesn’t want to do in order to acheive want he wants. I know speed work is more fun but if we’re not first fit we will never realize the speed we so desparately persue. So…

Warm up
Temp Runs
10 x 100 meters w/
10 pushups and 25 reps of abs exercises between followed by another 1.5 minute rest.

I didn’t time the runs but I will from now on.

Hmm… So my volume rose only 50 meters but the intensity increase, I think, by moving some of my runs out to 30 meters, adding an extra easy-fast-easy and one 50 meter run to finish… It seems that my hip/glute muscles on my right side starts to tighten up at around 400 meters of work so I’ll be very conservative with volume. I’m not sure exactly how I injured it. Maybe Deadlifts. Anyway, it’s getting better by the day…

Warm up…
3x 30m lying
3x 30m lying
3x 30m (3point stand)
liquid bcaa
1x (4x 20m easy fast easy)
1x 50m. (acel 20m+ maintain)
streatch and self massage


I forgot- 3x 10 meters Lying

Continuous? Right… A little catching up… That tightness I had mentioned feeling in my glute/hip at around the 400 meter mark of training, back in October, turned out to be an overly taxed piriformis… But I was hard-headed and pushed it until it Bamforced me to park my ass in the garage… 2 months. What a waste… Once the pain went away an my range of motion improved to pre-injury (my test was to sit in a fairly low chair, feet flat on floor. Place my right ankle on my left knee and lean forward with back straight. At first, I couldn’t sit straight up, not to mention trying to lean forward… Well 3 wks ago the pain was gone and my range of motion was enough for me to try low volume tempo runs. (6x100 m, 14.5 sec w/ no rest limit.) I slowed down even more for and additional 300 meters before ending the session. Those session progess to the point where by the end of last week 11/25, I could do 6x100 m (14.0-14.5) with 45 seconds rest. On the 28th and 30th I did the same tempo as mentioned with no real discomfort afterwards… Ok good… “after the Vancouver gig, I think I will be ready to do some short sprints, I hope”

To all you cats I met- You guys are way cool! I tried to stay cool during the seminar, but I gotta say, I felt like a teen at some concert. All giddy and sht, smiling inside whenever Bishop and the rest spoke… Phucking Pathetic, I was!.. Needless to say, but that seminar was, as my wannabe gangster nephew would say, Tight Niga!.. So yesterday I resumed sprint work. My glute is kinda tight but I suspected some tightness… the test will come when I am ready for me next acelleration drill out to 15 or 20 meters… As suspected, not being able to do any sprinting or much lower body work, my bench went up considerately… Anyway…
Tuesday 12/7/2005
190 lbs

40 minute warm up
10x 10 meters (lying down)
5x 15 meters (lying down)
600 meters of tempo (intentionally not timed but w/ 45 sec rest)

1x 8 reps- 135
1x 8 reps- 135
1x 5 reps- 225
stiffs deadlift
1x 8 reps- 135
1x 8 reps- 135
1x 5 reps- 225
Revs leg press machine
1x 6 reps- plate #10 (100 lbs?)
ass a bit tight but so far, so good
Flat Bench
1x 12 reps- 95
1x 8 reps- 135
1x 3 reps 275
1x 3 reps 325
1x 2 reps 370- PB for me

Speaking from the guy who sat beside you at the seminar, I have no doubt that it all ends up in a PB. Good meeting you. Willie Gault here we come!

Cheers, John

Hey John!.. Yup, Willie’s in trouble! LOL

Wed. 12/28/05
Warm up
Tempo session:
5x100 meters 14- 14.5 sec/ 20 push ups and 25 reps of various abs btw runs…
5x100 meters (same times)/ 20 push ups and 5 “berpies” btw runs. That wasn’t as easy as I suspected it to be.
seated row; chins; Hypers- 1 set of 10 reps

Thursday 12/29/05
Small tempo circuit
My ass tightened a bit towards the end so I asked my friend, who is disguised as a trainer, to massage it… Even though she didn’t know what she was doing, I was able to direct her enough to do a pretty good job.
Abs-600 total reps
*No Lifting at all

Friday 12/16/
I really don’t have anything worth while to enter, As if I ever had anthing worth while to begin with. My hip/glute isn’t healing as fast as I’d like… I can’t believe 175 meters of acceleration work was too much. But maybe it was… Now my thinking is that maybe I should have done them standing instead of lying.

That session was on Tuesday, the 6th. I had no pain at all when I started (10x10 meters) and my ass started to tighten at rep 3 of (5x15 meters) I did one more 15 meter run…
The 600 meters of tempo was fine, as I didn’t have any tightness at all. Next day- Fu*k!

“The training itself could be the problem” Someone once said that. Could it be that I’m not ready to accelerate from a lying position? That maybe I should be “falling” instead? Clearly, a lot more force needs to be generated through the hips/glutes from a lying positon than from standing. Should I go back to square ONE and do hills? I don’t want to go backwards… Yeah, I know… Maybe I have to take a few steps back in order to go forward…

Ok Eric, Phuck it… I’m starting over. Looking back, it took 3 weeks to recover before i started short accel work so I will figure it will take that long again… Jan 10 will be the start even if I feel fine before then.

Saturday 12/17/05
Warm up: Very Cold for California- 37 degrees
his would be a CNS day on the track but since I can’t acellerate, this is what I did…
Med Ball toss 800 meters (for me, a better warm up than jogging 4 laps)
Arm circles- 400 meters worth
Side Skips- 3x100 meters
Hip circles
Carioca-6x50 meters- jogged back to start line
A & B skips-6x50 meters
High Knees- 6x50 meters
John Smith’s “Drive Phase Position” Stadium Stairs
I figured this drill could be of use in getting blood flowing thru my hip/glute area as well as light conditioning. This was done at a JC (Modesto) so the stadium stairs weren’t very high. I’m sure it took less that 20 strides to reach the top and I only did 8 of them.
Exposive Med Ball:
Squat Throw- 10 reps
Squat Thow (Over your back)- 10 reps
*I didn’t think adding a hop throw would be very smart at this point…
Abductor Machine: 3 x 10 reps
Leg Lifts (lying on my side)- 3 x15 reps
Squats: Body weight: 3 x 20 reps
Stiff legged Deads: 2 x 10 reps - 135
Hyper extensions w/ 50 lb. barbell rows- 2 x 10 reps
Seated Row: Plate loaded- 2 x 6 reps
Lat pulldown: 2 x 10 reps
Standing Military Press:
1 x 10 reps- 95 lbs
1 x 8 reps- 135 lbs
1 x 8 reps- 155 lbs

Monday 12/19/05
Road stationary bike and for an hour while running my mouth about our Crooked President, Dick Cheney and his Idiot Puppet, George Bush.

500 reps of ab work.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday 01/20. I am no better today, in terms of being able to accelerate, than I was 3 weeks ago. Plain and simply, I can’t accelerate. Not even a single foot strike from that angle is possible. Obviously, I was getting a bit depressed and aggitated. I went to see a therapist… I guess therapists are like coaches- A few great ones surrounded by… well, you have to wonder how some of them became therapist in the first place… Therapist? More like Dr. Bunson Honeydew from “The Muppet Show”

Thanks to Derek Hansen @ SFU, I got in touch with Joe Horrigan. Joe was one of the guests at Charlie’s siminar. Here’s a guy who hasn’t laid a single hand on me, and going only off the info I told him about my injury, provided more insight than the “shade tree” therapist who actually examined me. So now I plan to fly out to LA to have him give me the goods. I hope it’s not too bad…