Eric's 8/23/05 CNS day

Interesting training day, yesterday. It was the first time I could pinpoint a reason for my lack of explosiveness during my hill session- Too low muscle tone.

On the advice/admonishments of some “know-it-all” moderator- Just kiddind man, and thanks, I took several days off the heal a bit and added a few more massage sessions.

Well yesterday I felt great- no aches or pain and I noticed how loose my muscles still felt after my warm up, even after the 3- 20 meter drive-outs. Great sign of things to come, I figured… So I’m on the hill and I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel like I was running in sand! My legs were so unresponsive! I actually laughed to myself as I thought, " So this is what Charlie was talking about concerning the delicate balance of having too high or low tone going into the 100 meter rounds…" I was experiencing it just on the hills. Had I not heard about muscle tone and it’s effect on sprinting I would have been down on myself during that poor performance. So thanks Charlie.

Warm up- 45 minutes (laps, stretching, arm rotions, shuffles, a/b skips…)
3x 60 meter stride outs- progressively faster, but easy still (grass)
3x 20 meter drive-outs (grass)

Hill session:
3x 50 metes- 4 minute rest; 7 minutes rest between cycles. (BCAA’s during)
** If I’m adding this correctly, I did 840 meters of work yesterday.

Weight:** I figure the best I can hope to do while dieting down to 180+ is to maintain a good strength to weight ratio, even though my strenght is decreasing. I may be able to make these lifts still but for certain, it is much harder. Funny that 15 pounds ago I was stopping at 5 reps with some in reserve… today the tank is very much empty at rep 5.
Dead lifts-
1x 8 reps- 225lbs
1x 5 reps- 315lbs
1x 2 reps- 410
Stiff-Leg Deads-
1x 10 reps- 225lbs
1x 10 reps- 225lbs
1x 5 reps- 225bls

Lat Pulldowns (front of chest)
1x 10 reps- 190
1x 7 reps- 210

Seated Row (cable)
1x 10 reps- 150lbs
1x 10 reps- 150lbs

Ab routine-