Epsom salt

How close to a comp can I take an epsom salt bath or sauna treatment?

CF why did Mark McKoy avoid the use of saunas during the comp period?

Is it fine to use Dead Sea Salt ? How many should I use in a standard size bath ?

hehe, salt thread !

My experience with epsom baths was that it made my tone drop a little too much the next day, kinda like a relax massage. No such experiences using sauna, especially using it with cold showers

I would experiment if I were you. Take a e bath before a speed session and see how your body reacts.

If I have a comp on Thursday you would recommend epsom salt no later then Tuesday and sauna Wednesday?

Another question (sorry to hack that thread like that lol)
I just got a 30gr salt bottle labeled “Magnesium Sulfate” for 2 dollars… That’s all we have in ISR, we don’t have those 5lb bags here.

Do I just drop the 30gr in the bath ? Isn’t it too little ? I thought you were supposed to drop like a few cups of the stuff to the bath…

Anyway, since I have so little, what would be the best way to use it to relax the hamstrings alone ?

I think I can get “dead sea salt” at the supermarket in bags, would that be just as effective ?

Silencer, I used Ahava’s Dead Sea salt, I think the company is from Israel. Half a bottle is good for one bath. Not the cheapest thing in the world but…

As TopCat has mentioned to me before although it is a recovery method it both the sauna and epsom bath can still be taxing. Depending on the length of time spent in the sauna or bath could regulate its effect. I would think that a sauna would be more taxing to the system than a bath and thus may take longer for the body to recover from so may be advisable to avoid close to a race. Epsom salts i would think be ok as it helps calm the nervous system. I would suggest to avoid any major stretching after either as it may lower the muscle tone to much.

Too late! :slight_smile: I have a couple days to recover.

Charlie, what do you think about the above comment?

Yea I use the sauna and Epsom salts regularly and I have noticed that the sauna lowers the muscle tone quite a bit to the point where it’s no point in sprinting the next day so I do tempo now after sauna days. As far as Epsom salt baths when I do that my muscle tone is not lowered as much and on the plus side it makes me horny, and a bit aggressive in the morning. I can definitely sprint the day after Epsom salt baths.