How we know what we know.


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“The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.”

Do you ever make posts that aren’t inane gibberish?

Are you going to threaten to sue me for saying that?

A Planet called Pluto, not so sure.

A person does not have to go to university to read books or watch documentries, or learn anything. You only go if you need to learn some big words and you get a bit of paper to prove you are right. :slight_smile:

Actually, when I went, like u said, big long stupid words you had to learn. But, to get maximum marks, you had to write ur assignments so any dumb Joe off the street could read And Understand what It’s about. Yet still be fully clinical so to speak.

I’m glad someone finally brought this up, lol.

For ‘epistemological validity’ of training theories (and just about anything), maybe it is helpful to point out that while psychological factors, desires, and emotional needs are uncontrolled factors, there are also reliable sources that can be used for deeper understanding, that Pakewi speaks about, which include:

  • Perception (five senses, although this is sometimes prone to error, as the world is not always as it appears to our senses)
  • Introspection (the capacity to inspect the ‘inside’ of the mind, so one recognizes the mental state one is in (i.e. thirsty, excited, depressed). Compared to perception, introspection is less fallible
  • Memory (the capacity to retain knowledge acquired in the past, withe the careful consideration that one’s memories are not necessarily facts, and there are fine lines between memorial seemings, perceptual seemings, and mere imagination)
  • Reason (justifications of this kind are said to be a priori to any kind of experience. Priories can be either facts that do not depend on any experience, or facts that solely depend on reason or analysis)
  • Testimony (differs from the above because it isn’t distinguished by having its own cognitive faculty; it does not seem we can acquire knowledge from sources of which the reliability is utterly unknown to us).

This is so absolute and superficial; it’s complete gibberish.

  • Perception (five senses, although this is sometimes prone to error, as the world is not always as it appears to our senses)

Take 2.

Not everyone is in a position to attend university so it should not always be assumed that everyone who hasn’t is dumb.

The smartest person regarding weights that i know has no qualifications. he was an instructor in a gym at the time a certificate was introduced. he regards himself as illiterate so he simply walked away from what he loves.

my wife is currently doing a double at uni, she was having trouble with one of the courses so saw her tutor, a professor at the uni, she was told the class teacher was wrong and the problem was sorted out, the teacher was not told. 80% of the class got a f, my wife got a d.

what i was saying is anyone can learn. maybe the gibberish paweki is talking is what i join cf to learn. :slight_smile:

Its only “gibberish” if one fails to ask the correct questions to get the correct answer. :slight_smile:

There are a lot on this site who know a lot, getting the answers from them requires different speech patterns to fully understand them.

I can see how people get annoyed at people like Paweki, how people can get confused with stilljd - it’s what makes forums hard sometimes, but both have great info to share, and i thank both. I would imagine in the future, words will become actual talking words - and less written - on these forums!
The use of youtube etc on forums will be the mainstay - easier to share knowledge?

That’s fine, but it also goes the other way around and it’s ok to respect both sides and not call all universities nonsense sources of knowledge. Of course you can’t control what kind of people end up where, but if you dig, you find the good ones.

I think you may have misinterpreted my post. you do not know if i have been through the uni system or what education i may have done if any. i am who i say i am, jd for short. for the record i was offered 3 positions with paid uni when i left school in 1974 and took up none of them. the group over here have wasted a lot of !!! trying to get rid of me and i no longer care. www.ktf.com.au

the motto of the cf site seems to be don’t let on who you are or you will be penalised for associating with a banned person, for all i know you could be a 60year old male.

you do not have to read the below, do a youngy if you want.

the following is a blab in why i believe and my interpretation of epistemology, where i fit or if i am right or wrong who cares.

when my 30 year old son was 4 along with my wife we took him to little athletics. the club we joined had coaches and there was a group of kids no one would waste their time with because ???. my wife talked me into helping these kids. no one would help me, when i asked the highest level coach in my area i was told to do what i want and send the better athletes to him.

i started with made up motorskillls and i used to look at what the other coaches did and i basically copied them. I had a back operation in 1985 and when i did what the physios and other experts said i hurt. i started reading anatomy and physiology books to try and find out what my problem was. anyway my approach changed and i made up my own motorskills. if you are interested in some of the results look at sady profile, 2 pages of pics, i never took photos other people did. most of the kids used to say their mother, grandfather or someone else was their coach because i told them to.

i am not silly enough to think that in a world of how many billion people i am the only one who approaches training the way i do. i just use the mambo approach pretty regulary

Sometimes getting annoyed or confused may help people,although they may not like it.

Sometimes I write here only to observe reactions or lack of such,and learn from it,well beyond words or topics.

It’s part of being and making better humans (hence better athletes).

There are obviously different ways to learn, but for somebody like myself, I have learned best OUTSIDE the classroom (right from the masters themselves via apprenticeship).

Seriously, let alone the 3 years I spent in collage (I drooped out and started a business), I wish I could get all the high/grade school years back that I spent learning nothing that improved my quality of life! I went to a private school mind you.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, modern education is set up to control the minds and conciseness of any human being who goes through the system. Large corporations and government want a constant fresh supply automatons who will push buttons and pull leavers and ask no further questions. Also, modern day education can be considered a prelude to modern day slavery because many people I know are graduating ranging from 20-100k+ in school loan debt.

So let me see, you graduate with the United States average of 20k in debt, if you don’t have a degree in a hard science your degree is pretty much useless, but at the least overpriced, and if you live in the anglosphere, many entire industries (jobs) are being shipped to China, India and Mexico. So what’s the point!?



Don’t know if I posted this, but a REAL ivy league quality education can be had for cheap if you get yourself copies of the Harvard classics and read them.

I once did work on a home that George Bush Sr lived in when he was looking for oil out west and the current owner of the home (which is now historic) told me the Harvard classic set was Bush Sr. personal collection.


Never enough said.

To be open and curious minded, I think this is the goal.

or the starting point?

I had a freshman english prof who said in front of the whole class that a BS degree only means you were willing to put up with all the crap. In school, I hated this, but I eventually understood that he was absolutely correct.

Why don’t we stop all going to school in 4th grade?
Come on, let’s be serious.