Enoka v. Sahrmann

To the forum…

I am in a clinical doctorate program for physical therapy and rehabilitation, and I am done with school until August 28th. Though I am never in a shortage of material to read, I am trying to decide between which of two books to purchase. The match is:

Enoka “Neuromechanics of Human Movement”


Sahrmann “Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes”

Any advice? Just to fill in all who may reply, even though my career is in physical therapy, I am an athlete myself, and I treat/work with athletes on a regular basis.

Also, feel free to throw in suggestions of good reads.

And one last question…does anyone know if Carmelo Bosco published anything in English? If so, where can I find the material?

Many thanks to all who reply.

Enoka…in for quite a reading!

Thank you, Pakewi!

I am going to wait for a few more recommendations, but I am leaning towards Enoka.

Since you are in Italy, do you know if Bosco has anything translated into English?

get them both…you’ll enjoy them.


I read Enoka, it is a “groundwork” for any other reading, because it will give you a better explaination of the topics in other books…
For example, if you don’t know what is muscle stiffness (both active and passive) you will have a little more problems digesting both Sahrman and McGill (Low back disoreders)… start with Enoka, then read both Sahrmann and McGill, and also take a look at Schmidt Motor Control & Learning!

Many thanks, Duxx. I ordered Enoka’s text and am anxiously awaiting it. I have actually read McGill’s works, and for the most part I enjoyed them. I am excited, however, to read Enoka, and then see if any of my thoughts or interpretations on McGill change.

Enoka is pretty “heavy” reading, but very interesting. Isn’t for “bed” or “toilet” reading, if you know what I mean… You need a calc, paper and desk to read it! But it is going to be worth of it!
Charpter reagrding Fatigue (acute changes) is especially interesting!

Please keep us posted on what you think and learn.

Will keep all posted on what I learn. Just tracked my order today and it is actually already in transit from Elite Fitness Systems. I ordered it last night, so that is some service!

Also tacked on “Managing the Training of Weightlifters”. Any thoughts on that text?