Energy System Competition

A sprinter is not built for an endurance events. Tell him to go run a mile he will be unready because of his sprint training and, his body has gotten more adaptive in that area. By training for sprinting events, his alactic, and lactic energy systems have become more efficient.

Likewise a long endurance runner has been training and using his aerobic energy system.

If training for something increases the efficency of one energy system does it decrease the efficiency of another (alactic vs lactic?), and if it does then would you set ratios of alactic to lactic work to give one priority over the other (ie. 100m - 10 sec runner - uses about 75-80% alactic, and 15-20% lactic system, so a 4:1 ratio of alactic to lactic work). If there isn’t a balance with the 3 energy systems, is there a balance between anaerobic/aerobic balance were alactic and lactic energy systems act as one system and compete against aerobic system, or something else?

Whats your thoughts?