Energy Drinks as pre-race supplement

I have, in the off-season, grown a hankerin’ for energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Rock Star, and others. I have heard some reports of sprinters drinking them pre-race. Other than the occaisional energy drink, I consume barely any caffeine. If I were to completely remove caffeine from my diet, would an energy drink be beneficial pre-race, and if so, how long before the race should I drink it?

Based upon current research, the caffeine is a good thing. The only thing that I do not like about the energy drinks is the super low pH and the little bubbles :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing the ingredient profile of many of the drinks, one drink 75 minutes prior and another 45 minutes prior or the equivalent. But you must try this out during training or it can backfire on you.

They could also beneficial if they contain amino acids, sodium, potassium etc.

One that I find effective is called Extreme Energy Tech. I use it before I train and find I have better workouts then when I just use ECA or other therms.

I was wondering about this the other day as well. What do you guys think of the nutrional profile of this drink. Its got caffeine in it (I’ve been told it’s about the equivalent of one cup of coffee). The drink is called XS, and it’s only available through private vendors. I’ve never had one on the day of a meet, but I do use it occasionally when I havent had much sleep or for finals, I’ve found that it really has a kick, but since there’s no sugar I’ven never really crashed from one. Is this what I should be looking for as far as an energy drink before a race?

“One serving of Quixtar Citrus Blast XS Energy Drink is 8.4 fluid oz. Quixtar Citrus Blast XS Energy Drink nutrition facts per serving: Calories 8; Fat 0g; Sodium 24mg; Potassium 25mg; Total Carbohydrates 0g; Sugars 0g; Protein 2g; Vitamin B3 100%; Vitamin B6 300%; Vitamin B5 100%; Vitamin B12 4900%”

In my opinion, energy supplements such as stimulants like caffine, and other legal substances in low amounts should be takin only prior to events on competition day. If you take it everyday, even at practices your body will become use to it, so on meet day, your body is probarly use to the stimulants and your body will not react to it like it should and you wont get that rush of adreniline.

Personally, I never take caffiene or other chemical stimulants. Royal jelly, vitamin b, carbs, and stuff like that is all you really need.

MAN Body Octane w/ 200mg of Caffiene and 25 mg of Ephedrine HCL

A couple of points

The more and the more often one consumes caffeine, regardless of its source, the less of a stimulant effect it has. This is based on receptors being downregulated. Oral ATP can enhance the effect of caffeine even if you are a regular consumer of caffeinated beverages.

The other point is that although it may have an ergogenic effect the day of the race, it is the training prior to the race that has the biggest effect on the performance.

Preworkout beverages before hard workouts should have energy, select amino’s and if you can get ATP that is cool and maybe some caffeine if you feel the need. It shouldn’t be anything your body has to digest, just absorb and use. Also recent studies indicate that BCAA consumption before a workout may contribute to premature onset of fatigue. They are great after a workout for protein synthesis.

This statement is totally incorrect. Some of the psychostimulant effects can lesson yes, but by limiting it to “intense” training days you will have no problem and will be able to reap the many positive benefits of caffeine et al. Also, if you highly limit a substance you will not be familiar to the effects and this can have negative effects.

Think of the recommendations for a pre-event meal. Eat the same type of food that you always eat before training. Same goes for supplementation.

I dont think the statement is totally incorrect. The more stimulants you have, the less your body will react to it. I’m not gonna say ONLY take it before competing, that would be a mistake. You should probaly be a little familiar with your stimulant. But taking it everyday, even on easy training days, I think is foolish. On intense days, if you need it I say go for it, but they should be limited for intense and competition days. Thats my opinion