energy boost?(Pre-race)

Hi, do you guys think it’s a good idea to consume a energy drink to get your energy level up before the 100m? I’m thinking about taking some redline by VPX or a yellow sub before my finals in the 100m.

you could try and arginine-ornithine mix 45mins pre race

Redline would definately help however be careful because synephrine (an ingredient of many energy supps) is banned by NCAA and I’m sure the IOC.

To go the more conservative route, I choose caffeine pills (100mg to 200mg) and/or something like Bodyquick or Powerdrive. Either of these “safer” options would product results similar to redline.

I don’t think they care at all. First of all, im in high school, and it’s in canada. Second it’s only the city championships.

I tried taking the redline stuff 20 min. before my race and all i gotta tell u is that it WORKED. It was more than just a energy drink. My heartrate was up and i was so pumped for my race. I felt like i could’ve ran a marathon. I set a new PB too in the 100m.(10.93). Too bad i came in second. The guy that beat me goes to the same school as me and ran it in 10.83.

I personally would reccomend NOT drinking energy drinks. Sure there’s the sensation of restlessness and PB-setting mood. But relying on caffiene or other related products only hides the real performance. And energy drinks usually cost a bit. What happens if you unexpectedly go broke? You probably can’t run becuase you rely on energy boosts by non-purchasble products. Jsut run clean and fresh. If you want more energy, have a carb-loaded dinner the night before and pack carbs for the track day.
Its just more natural

What are some examples of food that are high in carbs that i can bring to track meets?

i mean… candy has lots of sugar :smiley:
high GI fruits
if you’re someone who doesn’t like to eat close to racing, then wheat bread, bran, or oatmeal will give you carb energy that lasts longer.

i find that i have the same problem, i sometimes feel sluggish before i race and have toruble getting pumped up, so sometimes i just use caffeine. with any of these techniques i still worry about timing, because the spike is always followed by a drop… which is a pro on the side of just running clean and fresh as swiftyer said.

plain bagels are a good choice.
There are other things like bananas, peanut butter, yogurt, etc that work great as well.
One thing I like to do it cut the bagel into bite-size pieces and put a tiny bit of peanut butter on each piece. Bake the bites for about 5 minutes or just until the pieces are slightly golden brown.
You got yourself the perfect in-between races snack.

On the day before, I say take the safe route and load up on spaghetti. But don’t englect the other food groups.

lol, that’s a reason why not to drink it.