energy before track

What is a good energy drink that will get me ready to run before the 100 and 200. I tried red bull and it didn’t do anything so i thought you guys might know some good energy drinks to get me pumped to run.

Most important than this is a good but not so long night of sleep night before, because, if you sleep too much, your CNS will get some slower than normal.
The ideal is to drink some coffe or Guaraná some hours after, i mean, 4 to 5 hours before race then just water.

Caffeine (coffee, guarana) is something you want in your system probably no sooner than 2 hours before. What goes up must come down. If you take it too soon, then you are already on your way down when you get to the warm up and race.

It depens a lot in wich level your CNS works.
When i take coffe at mornings, i can´t sleep before 01:00am.
That´s why i never drink Coca-Cola, Coffe and no other Caffeine drinks, my CNS is already a 200mp/h machine.

I have a similar reaction to caffeine. I don’t drink or take any “boosters” before a workout/meet, but yesterday I had a large starbucks coffee about 1 hour before my workout.

During my reps, my heart rate is normally around 184, but yesterday I hit 195. Even on my cooldown, my HR never went below 170 (it’s normally down to 150-155). I felt like I wwas wired the whole day.

I have one botle of Ripped Fuel, so, sometimes, when i´m down or when i need a real boost to trains, i use to take just one cap, which give me the boos that i need and gives me too 2 nights of very bad sleep.
Man, 195 bpm ?! LOL, imagine how high your heart takes in a 400m shots all out :eek:

I’ve done some training sessions (hills in particular) where I’ve hit 207 :eek:! It’s not uncommon for me to be above 200 when I’m really pushing it though. I usually freak a lot of people out when they see how high my MHR gets!


Damn, how older are you ?
Are you a baby or some kind of cat ? :smiley:

Nope … I’ll be 39 this year :D. I should find out if other people on this board have high MHR.

HR and age DO NOT relate!

The HRmax = 220 - age is a myth…

You need to measure your HRmax, I believe.

Edit: I’ve got a reference for this, but I am too lazy at the moment… :o

Only for babys, you´ll see HR.
It´s a natural constant; baby animals = high rate heart.

Not sure I understand your post, sorry!

HR is not a constant though, even the maximum one.

Sorry about my poor english Nik;
what i was trying to say is ;
in humans ( and animals ) only babys have constantly high heart rates.

I see… :o

This, however, does not necessarily imply a cause-effect relationship for any age group.

Best thing IMO is to measure your HRmax once per year, if such a measurement is needed.

Stretching this talk about heart hates…
i remember, when i started the sprint thing, 2 years ago, my heart hate “relaxed moment” was around 70, 75, then, about 6 months later, drop down to 65, then, 1 year after 60, now, it´s about 60, 58, 62…
I heard that Pelé´s ( brazilian soccer player )heart hate was around 35 to 40 :eek:

This simply is an indication of increased fitness levels. Up to a point this can happen with any kind of training depending upon your initial fitness level. As a general example, the lower resting HRs are achieved by those athletes heavily involved in endurance training (e.g., cross-country skiers), since such are the requirements. As football/soccer’s aerobic demands are pretty high, I am not surprised by Pelé’s value…

PS “Pelé´s ( brazilian soccer player )” --> LOL, that was a good one!