End of Summer. Going to push this machine.

Beginning on August 1st, I’m going to try a theory. This is going to be to try to hit overtraining asap.

I’ve built a base, I can run about 4 miles nonstop, strong endurance, good strength overall, low heart rate, healthy foods.

I’m going to spend about 3-6 hours to training each day, and devoting 12 hours of sleep each night.

Going on creatine/whey/gluatmine, gluatmine and creatine will be dissolved as tablets about one each hour.

Going to going for strength all around

biking, and swimming will be rest activities.

I’ve always believed I’ve had good genetics, but I’ve never had the work ethic to go for it. I’ve played sports before, but have never broken a bone, have hurt stuff before but its always healed. I can hear a little nuckle cracking on the toe from wrestling, but hey you know what? I’m going to push it.

I’m going to see if my mental determination is stronger than overtraining.

I’m so a firm believer that if I hold these conditions, I would acheive overtraining. Some people here arn’t going to think this is smart, and I need not be told. This is going to be reckless, but hey, time to try it.

I’m pretty darn confident, I should come out alive, with supplements, (already on Whey) and with 12 hours of sleep, I won’t be fatigued. This is the buildup base day.

Oh I’m looking forward to this. Attempting to go into a ridiculous amount of training just to … I don’t know. It could be the motivation that Armstrong makes others look like pansies, his yellow wristband, or the fact that the girl I truly love through denial “loves” someone who is dumber, and slower. Or maybe its the fact that she flirts with some other guy that boasts his 4 1/2-pack, and talks about the gym so much to her, creating a fake impression that he’s so jacked. God. Don’t you love life? I need to win.

Going to break every damn record at my school.

Oh; I do think I am superior that guy 2 also. I have a bloody 6 pack, and that wasnt even that much training, it just came naturaly.

PR: 13 Seconds 2 Years ago, No training whatsoever. No sports at all. Let’s see how much this can change.

You don’t need to overtrain, just find a new girl. :slight_smile:

I kind of wish life was that easy, going to go to the gym in about 2 hours. Seems like another gym day for me :frowning: Then I have work, in which I save to buy more fitness equipment. Oh the beautiful cycle continues.

I hope your overtraining is just muscular and not neural. Otherwise you’re in for some serious pain :slight_smile: .

I believe either way; could be serious pain.

However I’m more on the belief that, no matter how hard I push, I won’t hit overtraining.

Let’s find out.

well… you will sooner or later… noone is superman. Good luck though, make sure you are using more recovery methods too if you have the time in a day? You are gonna train 3-6 hours a day, then work, then sleep for 12? where’s the time in there to eat and recovery methods? Im curious to see what happens… keep it posted

If you are serious you probably need some therapy. It’s sad that you take your health for granted. :rolleyes:

To be truthful, chances are I’m going to split up my sleep time into 6 hour periods with 2 (3 hour naps).

I don’t believe I’m taking my health for granted. I believe that my health is a lot better than average. To say I’m taking it for granted? I’ve been on a low-fat diet (as in watching what I eat, not limiting) for over a couple of months now.

I havnt touched soda for 1/2 a year, and I havnt had chips for over 3 months. I don’t think I’m taking my heath for granted. If I put bullshit food into my body, thats what I would expect as results.

I’m going for straight victory. 8 More days to go. Went to the gym for about an hour today. Going back again in 8 hours, now time to get some beauty rest.

And last day before the change. I’ll update daily from now on. If you have some comments to make on training, would love it after I post mine tommorow. However if your post is just one sentence “you’re overtraining” then atleast give me a couple of sentences as to why what you’re explaining.