EMS whilst a muscle is stretched?

I am a bodybuilder who is using EMS in an attempt to:

1 Increase loading of the muscle without additional CNS load.
2 Increase capillary density and nutrient delivery to the muscles.

I noticed that some athletes here use EMS on their hamstrings whilst bent over at the waist, thus stretching their hams during the application of the EMS.

Is there any benefit (theoretical or in your experience) to doing EMS whilst a muscle is stretched, compared to doing EMS on it in a neutral position?


I don’t know of any extra benefit to performing EMS in the stretched position only that it seems to make it more tolerable.

I typically use EMS on the hamstrings while in the good morning position purely for comfort reasons. Just try using EMS on the hams while in the leg curl position! The pain is unbearable and it feels like the muscle is going to get ripped off the bone!
Also when using it on the quads I would recommend locking your foot behind something, otherwise it feels like your leg is going to snap!

This is all assuming you are using the device at high-maximum intensity as Charlie recommends.