EMS therapy

Well… since the author was me, I’d say it sounds right! You’ll need to wait for someone else to respond for a different view.

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On the EMS therapy, should you be moving when you use it?

My chiro had me walk back and forth with this and do high knees every minute for approx. 10 minutes.

interesting… when a muscle is fatigued or injured it contracts, the area becomes electrically charged which causes inflamation and draws calcium to the area, matted collogen forms and then scar tissue forms, an area of constricted and abnormal tissue. so why would you want to use a modality on the region which further contracts the region. i know most of you will say that at a low setting the pulsing EMS will vascularize the area but the same thing can be accomplished with muscle pulses or unweighted hamstring curls. it seems to me that since the problem is contracted or constricted tissue that elongating the tissue removing the charge anf inflamation is the best way to return the traumatized area to a healthy state.

Here’s the deal.

The hamstring has no pain, but still has a somewhat weird feeling, like it healed in a clump sort of. All I know is before I went to the chiro, my vertical jump was at its best.

I haven’t worked out in months, and after deciding to squat my 2nd week in I PRed hehe. So this leads me to believe that my hamstring is fine, its just the way it healed that isn’t. I heard something about EMS helping to break down scar tissue due to the charge. Any takers?

And umm…seriously something is wrong with the tendon in my calf area…in the upper outer calf I have so much pain, especially in motions such as “Kneeling Squats”. I don’t really know if its just muscle or tendon pain though…

And my shin splints won’t fucking get better AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. They’re better than they were a couple months ago…but they don’t feel safe yet…

i know the feel you describe. its scar tissue and while your leg may perform well it is still a handicap. it can also be neurological. most people dont realize that when an injurty occurs its like having all your wires crossed in the damaged tissue (wires being motor control patterns) in essence your brain isnt communicating properly with your hamstring.

Think EMS done hard enough could help with the scar tissue?

Perhaps not only by stimulating the nerves there, but by affecting the scar tissue due to the charges by the EMS current?

edit: also forgot to mention in previous post that the shin splints and “calf tendon” pain are in both legs with pretty much equal pain.

no standard EMS is not going to do anything for scare tissue besides vascularize the region. check out arpprogram.com.