EMS questions

So I have finally decided to bust out my EMS unit again after never really commiting to using it. I have a few questions:

  1. I have a Globus system which has sticky pads. The problem is that I am ridiculously hairy and the pads are completely worthless. They just stick to the hairs and I get no contact (The primary reason I stopped using EMS). Whats the best way to get around this? I was thinking of placing the pads under a belt and then wrapping the belt around my leg.
    P.s why on earth would they make them with sticky pads!!!

  2. Whats the story with post workout nutrition after EMS. I vaguely remember Charlie stating that the athletes would go straight to bed after EMS without eating anything. Would there not be some muscle damage after the session hence a small snack or protein shake afterwards?

  3. How exactly does EMS make one stronger since it bypasses the nervous system and does not cause much hypertrophy? I never understood this.

Thanks a lot.

Shave the area you want to put the sticky pads, you should also have a tube of wet lube, makes it easier to put them on.

The stick pads stop them from falling off.

1: I would shave your legs. You should be able to find non sticky pads.

2: It really doesn’t matter- either way would work.

3: Recruitment of muscle fibers. In CFTS it states EMS training improves the rate of force development in a contracting muscle beyond that which is possible by any other means.

Thanks for the replies.
About shaving the legs, I actually shaved a few small patches on my quad about two years ago and stuck the pads on. It actually killed the hairs there! Hasn’t grown back since. I have 2 permanent neat rectangles on my right quad and it looks seriouslly weird!!
Would vaseline work as a lube?

I have never had a hair growing back problem. The lube is water based and it is specifically made for applying the pads. Doubt vaseline would work, to be honest I have never tried it.

Maybe he’s from mars.

A good product is Spectra Electrode Gel. Cheap and very good.


Use Clippers - don’t shave.